Pioneering the New Norms of Hybrid and Remote Work

New Norms of Hybrid and Remote Work

Embrace hybrid work for diverse talent, innovation, and work-life balance, but address challenges with technology, transparency, and adaptive policies. Leadership example and recognition reinforce its value, while acknowledging and mitigating cognitive biases is crucial for successful organizational transition.

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The AI Revolution Liberating Workers from the Office

AI Revolution

Generative AI is revolutionizing remote and hybrid work, enhancing communication, boosting productivity, and ensuring security. While reaping the benefits, organizations must proactively manage legal, ethical, and existential risks to confidently embrace the AI-driven transformation of the work landscape.

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Why Should a Hybrid Employee Come to the Office? (Video & Podcast)

Why Should a Hybrid Employee

Minimize hybrid employee time commuting by asking them to come in only for high-value face-to-face activities, such as intense collaboration, challenging conversations, cultivating belonging, and building weak connections. That’s the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes why hybrid employees should come to the office.

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