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Our intuitive approach is to rely on the traditional office-centric culture in hybrid work. Unfortunately, research shows that what worked at the office doesn’t work for hybrid teams. The best practice is not to incrementally improve on the traditional office-centric culture, but to adopt a hybrid-first culture. 


We will customize a solution to guide you through this culture change in order to dramatically improve collaboration, innovation, and retention for hybrid teams.


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You will be recognized as a leader in hybrid work with the insightful guidance of our expert consultants.

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"Gleb Tsipursky came to my attention sometime during the pandemic when I was planning to have our research institute follow the standard path that all the big corporations were following. Apple and Google were announcing plans to have people come back three days a week, I thought that seemed like a good plan. ... I saw a video that Gleb gave at IEEE [the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers] that really actually changed my mind about this. It was a video about hybrid work and how important it was to actually embrace it. One of the things I was impressed by was all these interesting ideas about how to make hybrid work more effective. So I signed up for a meeting with Gleb and I learned quite a bit more about how to do hybrid work well. Gleb has come on as a consultant for the Information Sciences Institute and has been really helpful in terms of putting us much more in a leadership position in terms of figuring out how to do hybrid work. We changed our policies, we are much more flexible about who can work at home and allowing people to work from home whenever it makes sense with respect to their supervisor. We are adapting people's home offices and our office spaces and figuring out how to onboard people in a way that is more effective when people haven't met in person. I think he's been incredibly helpful in terms of really transitioning us to lead in how we manage hybrid work at the institute."

Dr. Craig Knoblock, Keston Executive Director of the Information Sciences Institute at University of Southern California

We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Gleb. He’s been wonderful to work with, easy to communicate with. He helped us to work within our budgetary limitations and was very effective in his presentation. Gleb is very relatable. He communicated in a very clear and easy to understand way, very clear key takeaways that people could utilize in their personal life and as well as the campuses that they are supporting.

Zenobia Hargust, the Director of Equal Opportunity and Engagement at Swarthmore College

Gleb worked with us collaboratively during the whole process before the day of the event to get feedback on what’s important in HR and on all areas of success and pitfalls. He presented what was important to the audience, making the event great. The presentation that he gave had a great impact on the audience because it brought real experiences to their mind, giving them takeaways that they can go back and implement back in their everyday lives in HR.

Robyn Salvo, Director of Human Resources at Monmouth University

Dr. Gleb had a big positive impact at Applied Materials. Our leaders and engineers love data-based, research-based insights, which is exactly what he brings. He hit it out of the park, and he used a team led process, which was incredibly engaging. He introduced us to a concept he created called asynchronous brainstorming. It was a process we used with hundreds and hundreds of leaders globally at the same time. We did this during our CEO kickoff session for our strategy work. In a very short amount of time, we were able to get great benefits. I also love the work he's doing to educate leaders around the power and positive benefits of hybrid and virtual working. And one of his techniques that I'm planning to use is what he calls “virtual coworking”, where you and as many coworkers as you'd like create a virtual meeting, no purpose or agenda, but rather just to be working with one another. I highly endorse Dr. Gleb's work with leadership teams.

Susan J. Schmitt Winchester, Chief Human Resources Officer at Applied Materials

Hybrid and Remote Work Transition for Fortune 500 High-Tech Manufacturing Company


The company was struggling to figure out its back-to-office strategy and new styles of hybrid and remote collaboration in the post-pandemic world.


Before DAE’s intervention, the company intended to be mostly office-centric, with all employees spending 4 or more days in the office. DAE conveyed external research and did internal surveys that convinced the leadership such policies would harm retention, recruitment, productivity, innovation, and engagement. Instead, DAE offered the best practice of a team-led approach to hybrid and remote work, meaning each team leader determined what worked best for their team. After the company adopted this policy, DAE identified four critical areas where the company required assistance in the form of best practices for adapting its leadership style to the hybrid and remote future of work: day-to-day management of staff, improving hybrid meeting experience, and facilitating innovation in hybrid and remote teams through virtual asynchronous brainstorming. DAE then supported the company in getting buy-in across the 400-people global leadership team for these policies, experimenting with and adapting them to the needs of the different business units, and providing advice on the change management required to implement these policies.


  • 22% improvement in retention over 12 months
  • 29% increase in recruitment referrals from current employees
  • 14% improvement in productivity during the time hybrid and fully remote employees worked remotely
  • 27% improvement in employee satisfaction overall
  • 43% increase in satisfaction with hybrid and remote work policy in particular
  • 59% increase in satisfaction with hybrid meetings
  • 26% improvement in number of innovative ideas

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