Consulting Testimonials

Craig Knoblock

“Gleb Tsipursky came to my attention sometime during the pandemic when I was planning to have our research institute follow the standard path that all the big corporations were following. Apple and Google were announcing plans to have people come back three days a week, I thought that seemed like a good plan. So we actually sent out a message saying that everyone would be going back to the office three days a week and working home two days a week. And then I saw a video that Gleb gave at IEEE [the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers] that really actually changed my mind about this. It was a video about hybrid work and how important it was to actually embrace it. One of the things I was impressed by was all these interesting ideas about how to make hybrid work more effective. So I signed up for a meeting with Gleb and I learned quite a bit more about how to do hybrid work well. Gleb has come on as a consultant for the Information Sciences Institute and has been really helpful in terms of putting us much more in a leadership position in terms of figuring out how to do hybrid work. We changed our policies, we are much more flexible about who can work at home and allowing people to work from home whenever it makes sense with respect to their supervisor. We are adapting people's home offices and our office spaces and figuring out how to onboard people in a way that is more effective when people haven't met in person. I think he's been incredibly helpful in terms of really transitioning us to lead in how we manage hybrid work at the institute. All of Gleb's advice has been incredibly useful, and I appreciate all the help he's given us with respect to moving forward with our hybrid work plans.

Dr. Craig Knoblock, Keston Executive Director of the Information Sciences Institute at University of Southern California

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Susan Schmitt Winchester

“Hi, I'm Susan Winchester, and it's my delight and pleasure to tell you a little bit about our experience with Dr. Gleb. He had a big positive impact at Applied Materials. Our leaders and engineers love data-based, research-based insights, which is exactly what he brings. He hit it out of the park, and he used a team led process, which was incredibly engaging. He introduced us to a concept he created called asynchronous brainstorming. It was a process we used with hundreds and hundreds of leaders globally at the same time. We did this during our CEO kickoff session for our strategy work. In a very short amount of time, we were able to get great benefits. I also love the work he's doing to educate leaders around the power and positive benefits of hybrid and virtual working. And one of his techniques that I'm planning to use is what he calls “virtual coworking”, where you and as many coworkers as you'd like create a virtual meeting, no purpose or agenda, but rather just to be working with one another. I highly endorse Dr. Gleb's work with leadership teams.

Susan J. Schmitt Winchester, Chief Human Resources Officer at Applied Materials

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“I'm Carrie, the Administrator at Clifford Law Offices, where I've been a part of the team for 35 years and in my current role for 11 years. I wanted to share my experience working with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky over the past three months. My journey with Dr. Gleb began when I came across an article on remote work dynamics in Entrepreneur online, which prompted me to reach out to him. Initially, we evaluated our existing policies to establish a baseline. Dr. Gleb's expertise helped us explore the significance of employee engagement and the impact of giving everyone a voice in shaping a better workplace environment. The collaboration has been illuminating, providing a fresh perspective on our operational challenges from both administrative and legal standpoints. Dr. Gleb's seasoned experience in fostering workplace improvements has been invaluable. His recognition of people as our most significant asset aligns with our commitment to supporting our team. I'm optimistic about the positive changes ahead and grateful for Dr. Gleb's guidance in navigating these developments.”

Carrie Clifford, Chief Administrative Officer, Clifford Law Offices

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Alysa Swenson

“My name is Alyssa Swenson and I work for Luckett & Farley as the Manager of People and Community. We have been in a hybrid setting for a couple of years now and we hired Dr. Gleb to assist us with improving our hybrid policy and the hybrid experience and our hybrid culture and workplace within Luckett & Farley. I think it was a really great experience, we talked a lot about different things that I would not have considered before talking with Dr. Gleb. He brought a lot of knowledge from testimonials and different articles and research that he's done from talking with other companies and what they're currently doing. Overall I think it was really helpful because we talked about things that I would not have considered, it definitely forced us to talk more about what's really happening and what we can do to improve within our company. It was a really great experience, I really appreciate the opportunity to work with Dr. Gleb and I'm really glad that we did it."

Alysa Swenson, Manager of People and Community at Luckett & Farley

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Adam R Glassman-1

I didn't know what to do about returning to the office. On the one hand, the large majority of my employees wanted to work from home and only come to the office when needed. On the other hand, my peer executives from other companies were telling me that I needed to return everyone back to the office at least a few days a week for the sake of effective collaboration, innovation, and company culture. That put my goals of retention and recruitment against the goals of company culture and productivity. My consulting with Dr. Gleb provided clarity on the issue. His expertise in the future of work, especially in returning to the office and leading hybrid and remote teams, enabled me to make an effective strategic decision going forward. He provided invaluable insights on how to optimize collaboration, innovation, productivity, and company culture in a home-centric, remote-first company. With these strategies in mind, I was able to proceed with a win-win solution that should help to maximize retention and recruitment, while continuing to promote collaboration, innovation, productivity, and company culture, by transitioning to a home-centric model with the approval of the Board of Directors secured through the insights provided by Dr. Gleb. Thank you, Dr. Gleb, for providing the research-backed best practices that enabled me to make this crucial pivot in the future of work for my company!"

Adam Glassman, Executive Director, Jaeb Center for Health Research

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Brenda Asare

“If you’re a leader who needs to make tough decisions and manage difficult change, you won’t find a better trusted adviser than Dr. Gleb. His advice proved critical for navigating through a major merger that involved integrating two distinct organizational cultures and structures into a unified whole. If you turn to Dr. Gleb for advice, he’ll provide you with the best practices on major change management and post-merger integration customized to your leadership needs. That comes not only from his extensive consulting experience and the practical hands-on knowledge he developed there, but also his top-notch expertise in recent research, which helps ensure that his advice represents the cutting-edge of evidence-based business practices. It’s lonely and stressful at the top as a leader managing a major change initiative and integration: Dr. Gleb will serve as a trusted adviser, mentor, and peer for you, bringing you confidence and helping you feel cared for and understood. He’ll offer you a balance of an empathetic listening ear at all times, a source of tough love and constructive critical feedback when you need it, and an objective, supporting, and dependable sounding board for your leadership goals. It’s surprising how he can combine warmth and care with first-rate smarts and practicality, all delivered with tact and compassion. His guidance not only helped me set my company on the right track to the long-term future by navigating through this merger, but also empowered me to grow as a leader: I’m sure he’ll do the same for you. For example, Dr. Gleb helped me realize that while my democratic and participatory leadership style served the company well during times of stability, it did not serve well during times of major disruption and change. He taught me to adopt a visionary style more suited for such times to inspire my team to pursue a vision of our company’s bright future through the slog of difficult change. Dr. Gleb also developed my ability to coach my staff in taking initiative in solving the many problems that arise during such change, rather than relying on me to provide them with the answers. I would strongly recommend Dr. Gleb as the top option for a trusted adviser for any leader navigating major change, making tough decisions, and creating breakthrough results."

Brenda Asare, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Alford Group

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“EWI is an engineering services consulting firm. We contacted Gleb to acquire some insights in how to motivate scientific people to ‘sell’ themselves – a constant challenge of the business. Gleb used his researched-based approach to behavioral psychology to engage us in a conversation that provided several very helpful insights into how we communicate with our people. We were using far too much business-speak that was not connecting emotionally with our people. For example we have stopped using the word ‘brand’ and now use the word reputation – which resonates with scientists. So I have to say that one of the things Gleb said to me – I am not an engineer and have never been an engineer – but I work in human resources. And he started talking to me about emotions. My first response was: “engineers have emotions?” And he went on to teach me that engineers – scientists – although they like to think of themselves as rational animals, still are primarily driven like the rest of us by emotional thinking and emotional responses to language. Gleb has been an unexpected and practical resource for us.”

Mark Matson, Vice President of Human Resources at EWI

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Training Testimonials


We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Gleb. He’s been wonderful to work with, easy to communicate with. He helped us to work within our budgetary limitations and was very effective in his presentation. Gleb is very relatable. He communicated in a very clear and easy to understand way, very clear key takeaways that people could utilize in their personal life and as well as the campuses that they are supporting.

Zenobia Hargust, Director of Equal Opportunity and Engagement at Swarthmore College

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Gleb worked with us collaboratively during the whole process before the day of the event to get feedback on what’s important in HR and on all areas of success and pitfalls. He presented what was important to the audience, making the event great. The presentation that he gave had a great impact on the audience because it brought real experiences to their mind, giving them takeaways that they can go back and implement back in their everyday lives in HR.

Robyn Salvo, Director of Human Resources at Monmouth University

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Holly E. Ross Flanigan

“Hi, my name is Holly Flanigan, and I'm with the Engineers' Foundation of Ohio. I'm here to sing the praises of Dr. Gleb, who co-presented for us The Engineer's Guide out of The Decision Making Vacuum. Dr. Gleb joined us for the first time in 2021 to help engineers overcome common problems that can lead to bad decisions, including cognitive biases and emotional and social minefields. Dr. Gleb also addressed how engineers can fail-proof their plans, which is very important for engineers to hear about when so much is dependent on a good solid engineering plan. The reviews came back tremendous, and I can tell you why. Dr. Gleb came in with a level of professionalism and clear knowledge about the research that he was able to impart very effectively to our audience, and they really appreciated that. One professional engineer said that it was very nice to have such an interactive presentation and he said it was his favorite that he has attended. So that's just one of many reviews that we received about Dr. Gleb and our program, The Engineer's Guide Out of The Decision Making Vacuum. So thank you, Dr. Gleb.”

Holly E. Ross Flanigan, Public Relations Manager, Ohio Society of Professional Engineers

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Marisol Larez

“My name is Marisol Larez. I'm the Chief Administrative Officer for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. And I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the training that Dr. Gleb put together for our group as a train-the-trainer on hybrid work. We really took a lot from it. We found it really valuable! Especially two of the key areas for us were the way that it provided some very practical advice on how to operationalize hybrid work and train our supervisors on the approach related to that, as well as the insights related to data. And really connecting that and laying a foundation for our supervisors to really understand the impact that hybrid work is having and the way that the best practices are supported based on the research and the studies that are that are currently happening. We took a lot from it and just really appreciate the investment and in the time.”

Marisol Larez, Chief Administrative Officer at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies

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Chad Harvey

“I had the great pleasure of having Dr. Gleb work with two of my groups last week. Everybody loved it, the content was fantastic. In one group in particular, I had a couple of newer Vistage members speak with me after the session, and they were extremely enthusiastic about the program as it gave them some language and some concepts to be able to articulate things that they noticed both in their organizations and with themselves. If you like to think about the way you think and you want to improve the decisions that you make, I think that bringing in Dr. Gleb to work with your group or as a keynote would be an excellent use of time and resources.

Chad Harvey, Vistage Group Chair

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Mike Frost

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky led one of the most highly rated webcasts offered by the Society for Human Resource Management. (99.3% of those in attendance said they would recommend the program to a colleague, and more than 8 in 10 gave it the highest rating available.) This comes as no surprise to me. Both Dr. Gleb's content and presentation style were top notch. He managed to relay complex concepts and insights with compelling case studies and even a touch of humor. On our post-event survey, one the HR professionals viewing the program wrote that Dr. Gleb provided "very useful info that can be easily applied (and immediately)." Like our audience, we look forward to more programs with him in the future.”

Mike Frost, Content Manager, Society for Human Resource Management

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“We at Entergy hired Dr. Gleb as the opening keynote speaker to set the tone for the annual nuclear utility industry conference, hoping he would give a wake-up call about the threats and risks facing us and what steps we can take to prepare. Well, what he delivered exceeded our expectations. His keynote was the talk of the conference, widely described by attendees as giving the nuclear industry “the kick in the pants we needed to jump-start critically important initiatives to address the threats he outlined.” Working with Dr. Gleb to prepare was a pleasure: he thoroughly researched the challenges facing our industry and customized his remarks well. He exhibited flexibility and professionalism by making some last-minute changes due to timing constraints as well as in dealing smoothly with unexpected technical difficulties. Dr. Gleb's highly engaging and dynamic delivery, along with his handling of some tough questions in the Q&A session, impressed attendees. His book was also a popular addition for attendees, including him taking the time to personally sign. We recommend him for anyone who wants a keynote that inspires a challenging audience to pursue necessary changes to help your organization or industry not only survive, but thrive. Thank you Dr. Gleb!”

John Elnitsky, Senior Vice President of Nuclear, Entergy

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Additional Testimonials

Najah A. Edmondson

“For several months now, I've had the opportunity to work with Dr Gleb, and I've been thoroughly impressed with all of the articles that he has submitted to The TASA Group’s Knowledge Center. From those articles, I've asked him to present a webinar for us so on February 1st of 2023. Dr Gleb presented a webinar called “Addressing Bias in Legal Cases Using Behavioral Science.” The webinar was amazing, he got rave reviews from the 197 attorneys that attended that presentation. I know that the takeaway for his presentation was amazing, the attorneys wrote in to me and they were telling me that it was such a great presentation. So if you're interested in having Dr Gleb help you with work from home strategies or like our webinar addressing bias in legal cases, definitely definitely definitely reach out to him. Dr Gleb is amazing, he knows his stuff, and very professional. Thank you Dr Gleb for all of your help, all of your knowledge, and for being willing to send in those articles and present that webinar, thank you!”

Najah A. Edmondson, Director of Marketing, The TASA Group

Madison O

“Hi, my name is Madison Ongstad, and I am the Learning Manager at the Arizona Society of CPAs. We had Dr. Gleb come out to Arizona to present to our members at our annual conference, and he greatly exceeded our expectations. We received fabulous reviews about how insightful it was and how it challenged our audience to think differently and explore the new ideas that Dr. Gleb discussed. Working with Dr. Gleb to prepare was a pleasure. He thoroughly customized his remarks well to address the needs of the many different CPAs and finance professionals we had attending. Dr. Gleb's highly engaging and dynamic delivery impressed our attendees. I strongly recommend him for anyone who's seeking a leadership speaker who speaks to the analytical mind. Thank you, Dr. Gleb.”

Madison Ongstad, Learning Manager, Arizona Society of CPAs

Karl May

Dr. Gleb opened up our conference with a very compelling keynote speech, which was really anchored with a lot of data. The audience loved that he brought such detailed information and grounded data that would help them go back to their management teams and explain why they were making certain decisions and have the back the backing of the data to support what they were choosing to do. It was enormously helpful. It was a very small conference, it was very intimate and so Dr. Gleb also spent a lot of time meeting with the attendees, getting to know them, responding to their questions. So we had a great experience working with Dr. Gleb. So thank you very much Dr. Gleb for coming and attending and we hope to have you again perhaps both at the conference and in other venues that we produce.”

Karl May, Founder, and CEO of Join Digital

Natalie Kehres

“Dr. Gleb greatly exceeded my expectations! I brought Dr. Gleb in to speak to the members of the Big Country Society of Human Resource Managers and he spoke on using hybrid work to improve retention and productivity while cutting costs for HR professionals I thought the presentation was insightful and full of very encouraging statistics. Dr. Gleb is very professional and very organized and he's also an excellent communicator. His dynamic and highly engaging delivery really impressed all of our members, so I do strongly recommend Dr Gleb to anyone who's ready to take on this new world of hybrid and remote work for the future. Thank you so much Dr. Gleb.”

Natalie Kehres, Program Director at Big Country SHRM


“I'm Barry Cohn with JorgensenHR, I'm the CEO and Chief HR Guy. I met Dr. Gleb about four months ago when he presented a webinar for my SHRM chapter in Southern California and I was so intrigued by what he had to say about hybrid work environments that I invited him to do a webinar for our clients. I had positive feedback from all of my clients that attended after I sent them a survey, and I read Dr. Gleb's emails weekly and keep up on the latest information he has about hybrid work environments employees and productivity. It's really important to us also because we will be moving to a virtual environment in August: although most of my employees are remote now, we will be going to a completely remote virtual environment and Dr. Gleb's information has been quite helpful. I wanted to thank him again for the great work he does and wish everybody a good day.”

Barry Cohn, CEO of JorgensenHR

Chet Tart

“Hey Vistage Chairs, I highly recommend Dr. Gleb coming to your Vistage meeting because it was an outstanding presentation. It was a presentation about really how you think, what kind of questions to ask, how to get through difficult situations. And the biggest thing we talk about at Vistage is decisions. And after you're gonna leave this meeting, you're gonna find out better ways of making decisions and the choices you make and what the impact that it has on your business, your personal business. life, and your spiritual life.”

Chet Tart, Vistage Chair

Naba Ahmed

“Hi, my name is Naba Ahmed and it was such a pleasure to work with Dr. Gleb for a Prezi webinar. I brought Dr. Gleb in to speak about how to navigate hybrid teams in our new world of work. He thoroughly customized his content well to address the needs of our audience and seamlessly integrated it to a Prezi video presentation. Dr. Gleb's highly engaging and dynamic delivery impressed attendees and I strongly recommend him for anyone who's looking for a future of work speaker. Thank you, Dr. Gleb.”

Naba Ahmed, Content Editor, Prezi

Kirsty Darlington

“Dr. Gleb was a fantastic opening keynote speaker. He opened our conference in a really inspiring way talking about innovation in the workforce and hybrid work and the importance of the hybrid first model. He really engaged our audience, and I hope to work with him again.”

Kirsty Darlington, Events Marketing Co-Ordinator at WORKTECH

Edward Weber

“Dr. Gleb, it was just great having you here, both with our board retreat and then with our faculty convocation. With my board, you taught us about different biases, like Overconfidence and the Horns and Halo effects, and we are using that in our own dialogue and planning together. These really have been great tools, like asking the five questions, thinking about any of these biases creeping into how we make our decisions. We are finding that your tools are very practical, very easy to implement, and good thinking for us to do collectively. So we appreciate your work and thank you for your research and sharing it with us.”

Edward Weber, Superintendent, Wellington Exempted Village Schools

Jherica Rhodes

“Dr. Gleb’s presentation at our virtual webinar was powerful! He was prepared, passionate, and engaged our audience. He was happy to go through our logistics and prep sessions to make sure that everyone was comfortable. If you want a true professional I would strongly recommend Dr. Gleb for your future engagements

Jherica Rhodes, Coordinator of Learning Programs, Meeting Professionals International

Jarrod Clabaugh

“I am Jarrod Clabaugh, the President and CEO of the Ohio Society of Association Professionals and it is my pleasure today to recommend working with Dr Gleb. He has spoken for us on multiple occasions and our members always find the information that he shares to be helpful to them in running their organizations and engaging with current and prospective members. If you have any questions about how wonderful he is to work with, Dr Gleb has actually spoken for us on three different occasions. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you have the opportunity to work with him I would encourage you to do so.”

Jarrod Clabaugh, the President and CEO of the Ohio Society of Association Professionals

Amanda MacMaster

“Hi, my name is Amanda McMaster. I'm the Executive Director of the Greater Miami Festivals and Events Association. Dr. Gleb just gave an amazing keynote. Everyone was really engaged. Generative AI is such a hot topic and it's such an important thing that all of us need to learn that if you don't learn it and you don't know what you're going to be left behind, so, it was awesome. We're all better for it and make for the future of events.”

Amanda MacMaster, Executive Director of the Greater Miami Festivals and Events Association

Bob Dabic

“I'd like to offer my testimonial here for Dr. Gleb and his talk on avoiding decision -making disasters. He spoke to my Vistage Key Executive Group here in Orange County, California earlier this month of January, 2024, and it was an amazing talk with very practical insights on how we have cognitive and various biases and decision -making. Those were brought to light with scientific backup. And what I love is it was an interactive presentation that left the members with a simple five-step process on a cheat sheet card to make decision -making much better, much more effective and efficient going forward. So I highly recommend him for your speaker booking needs in the future.”

Bob Dabic, Vistage Chair

Nora Potter

“Dr. Gleb was extremely professional and a very dynamic speaker. He made folks laugh and I think that he would be a great keynote speaker at future conferences.”

Nora Potter, Professional Education Manager at Casualty Actuarial Society

William Anderson

“I thought your presentation was terrific. It made all of my members, the Key group members and the CE members, really understand their own biases as they make decisions. Bringing those unknown biases to the forefront was very helpful for them. I think they got a lot out of it. And the card you left them with, I mean, they're still carrying that card around. And they really like it. Obviously no one wants to make a disastrous decision. But most of the people in those rooms have made disastrous decisions in the past. And I think you've helped them recognize when they're going into a tough situation. So it was very good. And the thing I really like is that it generated an enormous amount of conversation afterward, which is helpful because that's what they're there for. So it was great.”

Bill Anderson, Vistage Chair

Kelli Kirwan

"Dr. Gleb has been very flexible and wonderful to work with. His content was well received by our client. He is very knowledgeable in his subject matter and we are happy to continue our working relationship with him and look forward to more training with Dr. Gleb in the future."

Kelli Kirwan, Events Manager at The Bowen Group

John Dame

"Dr. Gleb came and spoke at three of my Vistage groups. The presentation was engaging. What it did was make people think differently. As we're approaching the unknown economic environment - the war in Ukraine, all of the issues with respect to the economy, supply chain issues, inflation - members have to think differently as they approach their business every day. This presentation gave us a template to look at things differently so that we could produce better businesses and better results for our organizations. I believe my members loved the presentation."

John Dame, Master Chair at Vistage

Mattea Tavernor

"Dr Gleb's presentation was outstanding! Our association hired him to present a one-hour implicit bias training for our members and he was able to customize the material so it was relevant to all of our attendees. He was very easy to work with and very responsive to all of our emails. He was also very engaging during the webinar and he used polls and personal stories to make sure our attendees were paying attention and engaging in the material. I would highly recommend him for any future speaking opportunities!"

Mattea Tavernor, Conventions & Continuing Education Manager, Illinois State Dental Society

David Spann

"Gleb comes from a wonderful, deep, rich background of research and consulting. He practices this art with people. It's not just a topic for him. It is meaningful in his life and everything he does. So I'm always impressed when a speaker shows up and it is who they are and not just what they do. So if you're thinking about engaging Gleb, that's what you're going to get. You're going to get Mr. Gleb and it's going to be wonderful. From a content standpoint, the whole construct that we always carry bias with us, it's not an argument whether we have bias. The question is, how do they affect us? What can we learn? How can we maybe even think differently in the conversation? And I was lucky enough to have Gleb come and speak to all three of my groups and big takeaways. One is the optimist versus pessimist or optimist versus a realist and maybe not even versus. It's just the distinction that they're too biased that show up and work in the world. And if I can see myself as an optimist, there's positives and things that don't work well. And if I can see myself as a realist, there are things that work well and maybe not so well if I wanted to be in a leadership role. So it's discovering that. And those are only two biases. Gleb's going to send you a survey. Very likely he'll send you a survey assessment on the front end. And it's going to look complicated. Please tell your members it's not. It's just a series of questions. They take their best stab at it and they're good. Several of my members were a little overwhelmed by that, and actually there's a little bias there. So if you kind of notice when we kind of bump up against stuff, bias shows up. The assessment itself helps Gleb see and understand the bias that may show up in the room, so please, lean into it. The other thing, it's fascinating to watch members kind of grasp that it's all about mindset. And for a lot of us chairs who've been around for a while, we recognize that mindset is a key to every leadership choice. Gleb just makes it real. And what's really cool about working with Gleb is, he's a researcher, he's a consultant, he comes with practical knowledge, and he knows how to help people think differently. In the room, when a topic comes up, Gleb simply dives into it, listens to it, helps the person understand what's going on, the choices that they have, and in his experience, if you want to try something new, here's something new. Gleb isn't just a hands-off presenter who just watches and listens. He jumps into the problem-solving and helps people walk away with something practical."

David Spann, Vistage Chair

Dennis Shuman

“Dr. Gleb, thanks so much for the presentation to the CEO IQ Columbus group. You were able to talk well with us in relation to how some cognitive biases impact our decision making as CEOs. It was well received. Good to be with you last week and good luck in the future.”

Dennis Shuman, Chair of CEO IQ Columbus

Brandie Laughner

“A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar that was presented by Dr. Gleb. This webinar, using hybrid work to improve retention and productivity while cutting costs, was an excellent experience. He presented his research in a thoughtful and engaging way. He engaged with his attendees. He also gave them the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback at the end of the webinar. As a result, the survey feedback that we received following Dr. Gleb's presentation was resoundingly positive. If you have the opportunity to work with Dr. Gleb, whether as a presenter or consultant in your organization, I highly recommend it.

Brandie Laughner, President of the Virtual Chapter of the Labor and Employment Relations Association

Steve Corns

"Dr. Gleb gave a great presentation for my group. He was recommended by some other chapters within my organization. He really delivered with some great advice for the engineers, and I think most engineers should probably hear it. Working with him was great, he's one of the best speakers that I've ever worked with. He was very well prepared, I had to do very little to get it worked out. He was dynamic, he involved all the different participants, he had customized remarks. So it just was a great experience for everyone. I really recommend him for any engineering team that's involved in decision making, I think he's got a great message that you should probably hear."

Steve Corns, Chair of IEEE MS&T

Robbie LaRocca

“I am fortunate to be on Dr. Gleb’s email list and recently received his White Paper titled: 'How to Defeat Work-From-Home Burnout and Zoom Fatigue.' It inspired me to request he speak (again) at our National Association of Contingency Professionals (ACP) Webinar series. His topics always get the attention of our members and he delivers them with the knowledge and talent of a true professional. In preparing for his presentation, he always ensures that every potential question and potential for disruption are addressed. He is, indeed, a delight to work with and we always welcome his insights.”

Dr. Roberta LaRocca, National Board Chair of the Education Committee for ACP (Association of Contingency Professionals)

Harish Phadke

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky provided a truly outstanding virtual training on unconscious bias and future-proofing via emotional and social intelligence for the Reckitt North American Health Leadership Team. Exceeding our expectations, Dr Gleb customized his groundbreaking, behavioral science-driven training content to integrate our initiatives, policies, and case studies at Reckitt, expertly targeting our evolving needs.

A true professional, he was incredibly easy to collaborate with as a speaker. His virtual delivery methodology introduced us to a new virtual training environment, combining cutting-edge visual technology with highly engaging tools such as polling and live reflections. The combination of Dr. Gleb's expert content and his integration of Reckitts information, along with an impressive and engaging delivery, left a powerful impression on the Leadership Team.

We are delighted to have met Dr. Gleb, and look forward to future opportunities to keep working with him on a training series for the organization. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to get a rapid grasp of highly relevant topics which influence human behavior in the prevailing challenging times.”

Harish Phadke, Business Manager to President of North American Health at Reckitt

Emily Egolf

“Dr. Gleb presented to our SHRM Chapter on Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams. During the preparation and coordination phase he was professional and prompt. Dr. Gleb provided factual information and new insights to our members. It was a very relevant topic for our membership and it was a pleasure to learn from him!”

Emily Egolf, Professional Development Chair, Human Resource Professionals of Central PA


“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky presented 'Seizing Leadership in Hybrid and Remote Work via Cognitive Science for IT and Auditing Professionals' to members of the Northwest Ohio Chapters of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). Represented were senior executive leaders and practitioners from throughout the region. The audience was very appreciative of the informative content and inspired by Dr. Gleb’s engaging and dynamic speaking style. Everyone benefited from the real-life, useful 'takeaways' that they could implement into their own work life right away. The feedback was universally positive with many people commenting that they had received tremendous value in return for their time in attending the three-hour program. There have been several requests that Dr. Gleb be invited back again soon.”

David Cutri, Vice President Northwest Ohio ISACA Chapter, and Secretary Northwest Ohio IIA Chapter


“As the Learning Chair for Entrepreneur's Organization, I brought on Dr. Gleb to teach us entrepreneurs about how to best mitigate the issues caused by Covid-19. The presentation was very useful and everyone involved was highly engaged throughout the entire virtual learning event. He proved himself to be very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions - which was extremely valuable to our members.”

Ben Marvazi, Learning Chair, Entrepreneur's Organization Los Angeles

Cyndi Lubrano

Working with Dr. Gleb was a pleasure; he is both easy to work with and fully prepared to interactive discussion. I’ve now attended 2 of his talks and am very pleased with how relevant his information considering the current situation faced in our daily lives. He gives applicable suggestions which are easy to understand and implement. Our team of 70 was very thankful we had him speak at our Quarterly All Hands Meeting in June 2021. Many of them voiced how much they enjoyed the topic, and thanked (me) for scheduling someone of his expertise to discuss working remotely and returning to the office. Our Executive Team was especially willing to implement several of his suggestions in our office as we transition to a hybrid environment. I would highly suggest him as an expert in his field.”

Cyndi Lubrano, Business Manager, Auditor's Office, City and County of Denver

Deborah Booher

“On September 2, 2020, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky presented a webinar to members of Washington Finance Officers Association (WFOA) on the potential impact of the current pandemic COVID-19 for social and financial environments over the next several years. Although the news is somewhat dismal, it is very enlightening and realistic to prepare us for what we will need to anticipate moving forward. Dr. Gleb is very well spoken and presents his information in a user-friendly manner that almost anyone can follow and understand. His webinar presentation software was also very personal so you could feel he was in the room with you. He was very open to answer any questions. At the end of the presentation, I appreciated the fact that I felt better prepared to move forward and view the necessary changes in our day to day lives instead of waiting for it to end. He provided suggestions and solutions to how our environments will need to adapt for many years.

Administratively working with Dr. Gleb was very easy. He was well prepared, responded very quickly to our requests and was one of the easiest speakers that I have worked with.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gleb's presentation for all as the topic helps to understand personally as well as professionally changes that will be necessary in the future.”

Debbie Booher, Education Committee Co-Chair, Washington Finance Officers Association

Dan Rooney

“Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to present to our Consulting team last week. The content was spot-on and provided a unique perspective into building culture, driving innovation and brainstorming across hybrid teams (among other things). I appreciate your willingness to partner leading up to the presentation to ensure the content was tailored for the audience – it made the discussion that much more impactful. I have received positive feedback from a number of team members and look forward to collaborating more in the future!”

Dan Rooney, Senior Vice President and National Director, Consulting, Jones Lang LaSalle

“On behalf of all of Chattanooga PMI, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to prepare and provide a meaningful virtual presentation on Becoming a Hybrid Work Leader via Behavioral Science for Project Managers during our November virtual lunch and learn. You were flexible and easy to work with in preparation for the meeting. We appreciate your efforts to make it engaging and relevant to our audience. It was thought provoking and we had great take-aways that everyone could immediately put into action. We were impressed and grateful to you for providing our audience with useful materials, a copy of your newest book, and making yourself available for coaching. We received positive feedback from the attendees, would recommend you to others, and will definitely reach out to you in the future to present again!”

Angel Hartsock, Vice President of Programs, PMI Chattanooga Chapter

Leanne Schimming

“Based on the results of our attendee survey they were satisfied or very satisfied with your program's content. Specifically, they liked how your EGRIP methodology could be used at work and in their personal life. We also felt the pace of your presentation was nice and the use of your video graphics made the program very engaging. Overall, our members were pleased with the program. It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been very responsive and easy to work with!

Leanne Schimming, Chapters, Volunteers & Meetings, at the International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking


“Dr. Tsipursky gave perhaps the best webinar I was involved with at RIMS. He engaged wonderfully with our members and his virtual presentation attracted a wider, global audience. I look forward to future collaborations.”

Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society)


“The Institute of Internal Auditors Los Angeles Chapter gives a big thanks to Dr. Tsipursky for delivering a 2-hour virtual presentation to our members on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic: Adaptation and Planning via Neuroscience for Internal Auditors. The information presented was so fascinating and insightful that the 2-hour presentation flew by and our members were highly engaged and entertained throughout. During the presentation, Dr. Tsipursky discusses the very new topic of the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to preparedness and the ability of businesses to successfully adapt to the new socioeconomic landscape, and provides not only a problem-solution methodology tailored to the perspective of internal auditors, but also describes the behaviors and psychology around the choices and decisions that people make that can ultimately lead to a successful or failed response to the pandemic event. Some of the information presented was quite shocking and sobering to think about, but by educating ourselves, reflecting on this information, and being able to accept the possible outcomes, this will enable us to successfully navigate through the major disruptive event with the creation of viable plans and solutions. Again, our Chapter members and event attendees received great value from Dr. Tsipursky’s presentation and we look forward to learning more through his books and additional presentations to come. Our chapter also highly recommends Dr. Tsipursky to be engaged as part of your next virtual learning event, as this information is essential to all backgrounds and industries.”

Tina L. Harding, CIA, CRMA, Vice President of Professional Development, IIA Los Angeles Chapter

Steven Cooper

“Dr. Gleb made a presentation at our ASQ (American Society for Quality) Greater Palm Beach event, and I was very pleased with the presentation as well as the response from all the participants. Dr. Gleb made it very easy to plan and organize the speaking engagement, from setting up the Zoom, having information prepared, and then running the event which was exceptionally smooth and professional. He was prepared with very good presentation tools that facilitate his comfortable speaking style while holding our members attention throughout the whole event. The subject matter that Dr. Gleb presents is so very applicable to all areas of work-life, management, as well as personal life. He brings what can be a complex topic down to a level that everyone can understand. Dr. Gleb was a joy to work with. He will surely remain on our list of future speakers.

Steve Cooper, ASQ (American Society for Quality) Greater Palm Beach, Chair

Crystal Shipps

“Dr. Gleb’s presentation at our virtual webinar was very compelling! He tailored his research to my industry's current challenges while also making it really engaging. If you want a true professional I would strongly recommend Dr. Gleb for your future engagements”

Crystal Shipps, Manager, Education Operations and Development, MPI Academy, Meeting Professionals International

Marc Molik

“While actuaries are considered experts at the data-based approach to insurance and risk problems, Dr. Gleb’s presentation was a good reality check that we always need to challenge our assumptions that we set due to our internal biases that play into setting those assumptions. He brilliantly laid out how we need to think differently about setting those assumptions to better manage risks in the post-pandemic world. The presentation was entertaining and interactive to draw the audience in to understand how our cognitive biases impact our assessment of risk and how we can guard against those using some of the techniques he reviewed with us during the speech. Dr. Gleb was great to work with from initially setting up the presentation up until the day of the speech. He was a unique presentation that added to the day we had planned for continuing education and was able to customize his expertise to our needs. I would strongly recommend him for any other organization that wants to challenge their status quo to think better about managing risks.

Marc Molik, Vice President, Midwestern Actuarial Forum


“As the Director of Education and Training for the Society of Government Meeting Professionals, it is my responsibility to identify and hire speakers for our educational events. In 2020, our face-to-face conference scheduled mid-May in St. Louis, MO, was cancelled due to the Covid19 Pandemic. We reduced our 3 keynote speakers and 7 blocks of breakout sessions to 5 virtual events for our members.

I was introduced (virtually!) to Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, and I immediately decided his message about the Covid19 Pandemic was timely and something we all needed to hear. There were over 350 individuals attending this virtual event. While our members were hoping for a positive outcome and the projection that everything will be ‘back to normal’ soon from this pandemic, Dr. Tsipursky painted an accurate and honest picture of the current and near future situation. I would highly recommend him for events when this topic is to be explored.

Garland L. Preddy, CGMP, Director of Education and Training, Society of Government Meeting Professionals

Dan Lawson

“Dr. Gleb gave an outstanding virtual presentation on unconscious bias to our corporate partners. His insights on how to recognize and solve unconscious bias combine a deep experience as a consultant and trainer for Fortune 500 companies with a thorough evidence-based, science-informed approach. Based on the polls during the presentation, the attendees found the materials very useful and applicable to their context, and plan to integrate Dr. Gleb's insights to address unconscious bias so as to make the best people decisions. Dr. Gleb's presentation style was highly engaging and dynamic. He's incredibly easy to work with as a speaker, and accommodated all of our needs in a flexible manner. I strongly recommend Dr. Gleb as a speaker on unconscious bias and look forward to engaging him in the future.”

Dan Lawson, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Chief Corporate Relations Officer, Ashland University

Carla Schiavelli

“It was a great presentation! I really enjoyed the mix of data with the info about your family/country of origin. It’s a great way to tone down and bond with the audience. We would love to have you back on another session.”

Carla Schiavelli, Executive MBA Coordinator, Formato Educativo Business School


“On behalf of the members of the ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter, I want to thank you for your insightful webinar presentation yesterday. We appreciate the time you took to prepare the two-hour session. Our members found the materials presented to be thought-provoking, engaging, and informative. The topic of the presentation Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Adaptation and Planning via Neuroscience for IT Professionals was in itself timely; it delivered the right message at the right time, when our members are looking for a trusted advisor to provide information that is non-biased and actionable. Your points on normalcy bias, planning fallacy, and hyperbolic discounting really hit home among the attendees. Thank you again for helping to make our educational webinars so rewarding and a most worthwhile experience.

Wei Tschang, CISA CISM CGEIT, Education Committee Chair, ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter


“It was such a great experience to work with Dr. Gleb on his virtual Keynote. Each step was seamless beginning with the ease and professionalism in working with him, to the detailed preparation and quality of delivery. The audience obtained a thought-provoking interactive demonstration while receiving enormously useful, relevant content that offered an abundance of value. We look forward to working with him in the future. Thank You!”

Susan Harkins, Professional Development and Leadership, Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce

Ashlee (Savona) Simmons

“Dr. Gleb was a fantastic professional speaker during our virtual meeting. His presentation and knowledge provided so much value to our chapter members and we have received a ton of positive feedback. He was well prepared and did a great job communicating and coordinating the effort. His presence was sharp and caught the interest of our members seamlessly. Dr. Gleb was very proficient in zoom and made presenting his slides alongside his video a seamless transition. Our members could hear and see him clearly, and had no problem following along with his slides simultaneously. Dr. Gleb's content was polished and easy to follow along. His questions and polls kept our members involved and engaged throughout the entire presentation. We would love to have him back to speak to our chapter again soon.”

Ashlee Simmons, Director of Online Programs, Project Management Institute North Alabama Chapter

Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE

“It was a pleasure for the Ohio Society of Association to have Dr. Gleb Tsipursky speak to our members virtually about the need for practicing strategic and realistic planning in light of the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic currently impacting U.S. businesses and the global economy. His message provided many hard truths that our members needed to hear in order to approach the pandemic honestly and with respect to its long-term effects. In addition to his virtual presentation, he has provided many great articles that the organization has used on our website and in our quarterly magazines that help nonprofit organizations prepare for crises. It was a pleasure to work with him and to help him connect to the leaders in Ohio's association community.”

Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE; President & CEO, The Ohio Society of Association Executives

Sina (Seena) Tate

“Dr. Tsipursky spoke at the California Society of Association Executives Building Capacity Summit on “Outstanding Association Leadership Through Social Intelligence” which our attendees thoroughly enjoyed. He was very engaging even through a pre-recorded virtual session. We received many positive feedbacks from our attendees and each one walked away with several key points that they can implement right away. I recommend Dr. Tsipursky if you’re looking for a dynamic speaker.

Sina Tate, Director of Education, California Society of Association Executives

Tommie Murphy

“We had a truly fantastic experience bringing Dr. Gleb to speak virtually to our ILEA members and attendees for another successful DEI Starting the Conversation program. Dr. Gleb's discussion around unconscious biases in our thought processes was incredibly informative and thought provoking while he engaged with the audience allowing the attendees to really feel a part of the conversation. The attendees had some great conversations post-talk in breakout rooms about the many points that were brought up allowing them to relate to what was said, from the Halo to Horns effect and especially the Optimism Bias versus Pessimism Bias. It was a pleasure to work through the program development with Dr. Gleb. We appreciated his time and professionalism throughout. We can’t thank Dr. Gleb enough for taking the time to talk to our group. I can confidently say that many people would like to learn more about how to integrate the tests he has developed into their businesses and personal lives. Hopefully one day we will get a chance to do this all again but in person and in front of a large audience.”

Tommie Murphy, VP of Education and Programs, International Live Events Association Northern California Chapter

Lisa Walters

“The Erie section of ASQ (0809), along with the student ASQ section of the State University of NY-Fredonia, had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Gleb Tsipursky for an engaging presentation entitled Defeating Unconscious Bias Via the Neuroscience of Emotional and Social Intelligence for Quality Professionals. This talk was well-organized, well-structured, and included planned audience engagement polls. The audience included both working Quality professionals as well as students, and we can attest that EVERYONE got something out of it. The students were interested in how unconscious biases translated into the “traditional” business disciplines, such as marketing, while the working professionals learned how to recognize and overcome biases for quality innovation and improvement. Dr. Gleb provided ample time to ask questions, and answered questions thoroughly and specifically, without the general responses often provided by speakers. Further, Dr. Gleb provided many complimentary resources to participants! Lastly, he was easy to work with, assisting us with logistics and delivery of the session. I, along with our group, highly recommend him!”

Lisa M. Walters, PhD, Treasurer, American Society for Quality, Erie Section

“Dr. Gleb's presentation to our key leaders from around the world illuminated the complexities and need for an innovative strategy to navigate a hybrid workplace and design the future state of work. We found great value in his ability to illustrate common judgment errors, called cognitive biases, that many leaders make by remaining anchored to traditional work norms, instead of adopting new best practices for collaboration, innovation, and performance evaluation in hybrid and fully-remote teams. His presentation generated important conversations about the need to adopt and adapt to these new norms in order to drive retention, productivity and collaboration and attract new talent. Dr. Gleb is an excellent presenter, combining data-driven expertise with an empathetic and engaging speaking style, along with outstanding use of slides. He thoroughly customized his materials to our needs, using our case studies and even learning and speaking our internal company language, while providing clear and specific next steps to integrate his insights into our work. Dr. Gleb is a highly professional, flexible, and easy-to-work-with speaker, and accommodated all of requests gracefully and successfully. His book on this topic distributed to leaders after the presentation was a great bonus. I would highly recommend Dr. Gleb if you want your audience to have a highly customized and thought-provoking experience. I look forward to working with Dr. Gleb again in the future.”

  • Executive at a Fortune 200 high-tech manufacturing company


Henry Harper

“As a trustee of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) Gilmer Institute for Learning it was my pleasure to work With Dr. Tsipursky on setting up his webinar: 'How Government Meeting Planners Successfully Adapt to COVID and Plan for the Post-COVID Recovery.' Dr. Tsipursky was extremely professional and diligent in communicating with the webinar team and providing timely information and assistance in preparing for the webinar. As a participant of his webinar I can attest to how timely and relevant his information was and how clearly he was able to present it to a wide demographic of participants. As a national leader with the SGMP I was impressed with how he could use his knowledge and insight to educate meeting planners and suppliers with the latest data on Covid and how it is and will impact the meeting industry.”

Henry Harper, Trustee of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals Gilmer Institute for Learning

Lana Steele

“Dr. Gleb recently spoke for the FL Society of Association Executives Virtual Series. Working with Dr. Gleb was such a pleasure. He was very thorough in providing information on his background and presentation. On the day of the meeting, he was very prompt and professional. His cadence while speaking kept attendees attentive and interested. His presentation style includes very thorough research and insights that culminate to tangible takeaways for attendees!

Lana Steele, Membership and Events Coordinator at Florida Society of Association Executives

Mark Marshall

“It was very easy to work with Dr. Tsipursky to set up his presentation. I received good feedback from members of the RIMS Utah chapter sharing how the information presented was helpful for them in their areas of responsibilities. The presentation was interactive, helping to keep people engaged.

Mark Marshall, Vice President, Risk and Insurance Management Society, Utah Chapter

Kiki Orski

“Great presentation Dr. Gleb! Working with Dr. Gleb to prepare was a pleasure: he thoroughly customized his remarks well to address the needs of our SHRM chapter membership and gave immediately actionable suggestions to improve our hybrid work environments. I strongly recommend him for anyone who is considering how to improve employee engagement and satisfaction by implementing a hybrid work schedule. Thank you Dr. Gleb!”

Kiki Orski, Program Organizer at Long Island SHRM


Your teachings have made a world of difference to me, my mental health, and my ability to manage through the crisis. I can't overstate your impact - thank you!!!

Kari Carlisle, Executive Director, Heritage Square

Dr. Edward (Ed) Goldberg

“Gleb Tsipursky presented "Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Adaptation and Planning for Business Continuity Professionals" as part of the ACP (Association of Continuity Professionals) ongoing webinar series. It is my privilege to host these webinars and I have been doing so for over a decade. Gleb's presentation was among the best to date in terms of getting people to adapt alternative perspectives of planning assumptions, dealing with major changes and disruptions, etc. Great presenter and great, thoughtful content. And he's a delightful guy, too!

Dr. Ed Goldberg, CBCP, ACP Webinar Host, National Board member, Treasurer and Executive Committee

Muriel Sasaki

Dr. Tsipursky was very well received by the Los Angeles Section of the American Society for Quality at our online meeting in August 2020. Our group of Quality Assurance professionals lead problem solving and corrective action teams in a variety of industries. His topic, "The Neuroscience of Avoiding Decision-Making Disasters" , reminded us "what keeping an open mind" is all about. He has a very engaging way of putting questions out to the audience and including them in the presentation. We had many great comments of appreciation for his presentation that evening. Thank you, Gleb!

Muriel Susaki, Program Chair, American Society for Quality Los Angeles

Michael Ashcraft

“Dr. Gleb’s presentation definitely exceeded my expectations! Dr. Gleb was brought in to present during a webinar for the ISACA Chapter I am a board member of. His presentation of Decision Making and Risk Management Using Behavioral Science was detailed and engaging for the listeners. Using the breakout rooms in Zoom also helped to open up dialog between everyone on the webinar. I strongly recommend him for anyone looking for an interesting and engaging presentation.”

Mike Ashcraft, Board Member, ISACA Harrisburg

Hector Rodriguez

“On behalf of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Fox Valley Section 1208 leadership committee and its' members, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your presentation on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. Your presentation on "Future-Proofing for Quality Professionals Using Neuroscience” was very interesting, educational as well as informative. It is greatly appreciated. As part of the presentation, there was very good interest in the various topics presented, such as the cognitive biases, Planning Fallacy, 5-Questions to Avoid Decision Disasters, and Failure Proofing Technique (8-steps). It was also great to hear the use and application of Quality tools used in your methods and processes. Also, it was good interaction with the voting throughout the presentation, and being able to see the results. There were some good questions from our members, which showed that they were engaged. I believe that quite a few people learned something new, including myself.”

Hector Rodriguez, Programs Lead, American Society for Quality (ASQ) Fox Valley Section

Tricia Stillman

“Thanks again, Dr. Gleb, for a very insightful eLearning Webinar presentation yesterday, “Why Do Insurance Professionals Ignore Serious Risks (And What to Do About It). Attendees were fully engaged throughout the event and we appreciate your insights on a very important topic for our community.”

Tricia Stillman, Education Program Director, Insurance Accounting & Systems Association


“If you think a topic like neuroscience and its application to business decisions would be boring, you haven’t seen a webinar by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. His was one of the most informative and interesting webinars I have seen in a while. Engaging, to the point, and above all useful.

Dirk Dusharme, Editor in Chief, Quality Digest


THANK YOU very much for an engaging and informative virtual session. I enjoyed the polling to hear more from attendees. The Q&A was also insightful.”

Erin Oyama, Programs Director, Project Management Institute, Hawaii Chapter, Honolulu

Dave Silverberg

“Gleb’s presentation was dynamic, memorable, and insightful. His humor and authenticity helped to convey important messages about leadership for our audience.”

Dave Silverberg, Ed.D., Director, Telego Center for Innovation, Ashland University

Tyler Patak

“Dr. Tsipursky’s secure and composed approach and style gets you thinking. The engaging virtual presentation, modified for our professional organization, allows you to easily identify possible pitfalls in your own group. We also learned the challenges may be successfully dealt with once identified. The presentation, materials, and information contained therein enabled our attendees to bring improvements back to our individual firms. Thank you for the insight and tools to address these potential roadblocks.”

Dr. Tyler F. Patak, NCARB, AIA, MBA, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, Vice President, American Institute of Architects, Florida Southwest Chapter

Elizabeth Cappa-Saitta

“Dr. Gleb greatly exceeded my expectations! I brought in Dr. Gleb to speak to my HR Professional Membership. He really engaged the participants and gave them takeway ideas to implement right away. Working with Dr. Gleb to prepare was a pleasure: he thoroughly customized his remarks well to address the needs of the HR Professional audience. Dr. Gleb's highly engaging and dynamic delivery impressed attendees. I strongly recommend him for anyone who is looking to bring timely and relevant information to their community. Thank you Dr. Gleb!”

Elizabeth Saitta, Executive Director, SHRM Long Island

“The presentation was informative, providing a different perspective on how our biological processes impacts how we interpret unconscious bias and how we relate to other people

Phadra Z. McCray, Family Advocacy Clinician, The Center for Family Safety and Healing, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Mahan Tavakoli

Gleb did a great virtual talk for the Leadership Greater Washington board before our strategic planning conversations. While the organization has done a brilliant job pivoting over the pandemic, in striving to become of greater value to our members and increase our impact on our community, we need to constantly challenge our thinking on how to most effectively achieve our purpose. Gleb's insightful content definitely set us on the right track to do that!

Mahan Tavakali, CEO Strategic Leadership Ventures & Board Chair, Leadership Greater Washington


“Our association thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Gleb's virtual presentation. It was informative and thought-provoking. Furthermore, as a group of professionals dedicated to managing technology risk, we found that his analysis translated directly to the language of our profession and provided actionable takeaways for our members. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive, and I would highly recommend him for a presentation.

Rob Valdez, President, ISACA South Florida

Linda LeSage

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky’s virtual presentation on the Coronavirus Pandemic Adaption and Planning for our local PMI (Project Management Institute) group was outstanding. He logically presented the optimistic, moderate and pessimistic estimates for having a solution to the virus using common PMI concepts. Some key statements included
- People are too optimistic
- This is not the same as the recession in the 80’s
- Never go with your gut feelings (typically wrong)
- We will shift to new norms over time
- Continuity plans don’t work for pandemics
Also, I had no idea there was pandemic insurance. Great deal of valuable information was presented in a fast and deliberate manner. Time for questions provided at the end. I strongly recommend this presentation!

Linda LeSage, VP Professional Development, PMI Michigan Thumb chapter

Doug Klares

“I wanted to personally thank you for the talk you gave to the New York Staffing Association. We are all treading in waters that are fraught with challenges and you gave us some great advice on how to navigate.

Doug Klares, President, New York Staffing Association

Jonathon B

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with our HR group! The virtual presentation was informative, objective, and flowed very well. The ability to reference back to the recorded presentation on YouTube, as well as your published materials on Amazon are also extremely helpful. During this pandemic, we’ve all been overwhelmed with information, and a message to ‘plan for the pandemic.’ What made this presentation helpful to me was that he provided the answer to the big follow-up question I always have – ‘Okay, so now HOW do I plan?.’ I need steps! Gleb gave me a starting point, steps, and some clarity around what a pandemic planning process for HR professionals looks like.

Jonathan Rhodes, HR/Accounting Manager, Indica Labs

Leandra Almodovar

“This webinar was a sobering evaluation of how the meetings & events industry must and can prepare for the next couple of years. It is all about the mind set of the attendees, not how we create a safe environment. It becomes a chicken / egg routine. Continued dialog and discussions needs to keep the evolution front and center for attendees and planners. Thank you!”

Leandra Almodovar, Meeting Manager, PlannerNet


“Powerful content + thoughtful delivery. Dr. Tsipursky is smart, thorough and a terrific presenter who shared with our exclusive private group of Transformation Leaders - the blueprint for the road ahead in the post pandemic world. While the information he shared is scary in terms of the longevity of a likely pandemic world for our loved ones and our work, I believe it is important to see with a business planning lens. Through his dialogue and excellent humble way of answering questions, he helped business leaders in our meeting understand the kinds of things we ought to be doing right now - to prepare ourselves for success and adaptation of our business ahead in the years to come. Terrific speaker. Good content. Credible. I would highly recommend hiring Dr. Tsipursky as a keynote speaker for your virtual event or meeting.”

Bob Miglani, Founder and Managing Partner, Embrace the Chaos

Anita Kenworthy

“I truly enjoyed what you presented that made me reconsider how to proceed with PMI MTC chapter. As the current President of the chapter strategic planning is critical and you presented things to consider long term in light of COVID-19 pandemic”

Anita Kenworthy, PMI MTC - President

Steve Erickson

“Dr. Gleb was excellent to work with. We talked several times on Zoom in which he is an expert at prior to our meeting to help set up ready to go and content understood. Even with his Russian accent Dr. Glover is very easy to understand. He is an expert at using the Zoom remote interface technology. He very much engaged with my Vistage group during the presentation. Dr. Gleb‘s presentation has caused continued conversation even through today when one of my members brought up one of the biases. Very interesting and thought-provoking discussion has ensued since he came to speak to us.”

Steve Erickson, Vistage Chair

Shirley Trail

“Thank you very much for the dynamic Professional Development Day (PDD) presentation and workshop. This event was a great networking and knowledge share for me as well as our group of project management professionals. A key take away is I can certainly say this event highlighted and gave me greater insight into ways I as well as others can improve the way we as project managers, manage and deliver projects going forward. Personally your presentation was "spot on" and a wealth of information to be used in my career today and in the future.

Shirley Trail, MBA PMP, President, PMI Western Lake Erie Chapter

Tony Lewis

“Thank you for a most timely and most valuable virtual presentation that is very actionable for CEO’s and their companies to implement. Highly recommended for all growth minded companies.”

Tony Lewis; Master Chair, Vistage


The webinar was really great. There were some key points such as the external business model which were very insightful and I'd like to revisit. You packed a ton of useful info into such a short session, well done.

Arthur Linke, Founder & Managing Principal, Turricula Risk Advisory; Research Fellow, Stellenbosch University Business School


“This was an excellent presentation regarding the current response to COVID19. It was very eye opening as it caused me to look at the short as well as long term solutions in ways I had not yet considered. While the answers may be hard to swallow and not easy to achieve, realistic solutions rarely fall into the easy category. The sooner we start thinking realistic, the more effective we can be at managing the risk.”

Mark Lopez, Senior Risk Manager, Petra Risk Solutions

John Trakselis

Special thanks to Gleb Tsipursky who presented virtually to both of my Vistage CEO groups this past week on the very important subject of decision making. It is one of the three pillars of Vistage: better leaders, better decisions, better results. All three are always relevant and important. #leadership #decisionmaking #results”

John Trakselis, Vistage Chair

Juliane Cooley

“Dr. Gleb is a pleasure to work with as a speaker. He is very responsive and thorough. The audience found his virtual presentation to be very timely and relevant.”

Juliane Cooley, Speaker Lead, Project Management Institute Mile High Chapter

Bill Sheffer

“Your presentation exceeded my expectations yesterday. I’ve been on the chamber’s Keynote committee for years including several as chair. Your presentation was one of the most informative ones we’ve ever had. I placed an order for your book “Never Go With Your Gut” and am looking forward to reading it. With a long career making loans and other staff management and client related decisions in my job, I think I’m pretty good. But one is never too old to learn a better decision making process.”

Bill Sheffer, Vice President of Business Development, The First National Bank and Trust Co. of Newtown


“This webinar completely changed the way I am thinking about the current COVID-19 pandemic and will influence my strategic decisions going forward from "weathering the storm" to adjusting to the new reality.”

Rob Clark, Risk and Claims Analyst, Kitchener City Hall

César A. Hernández Viveros

“It was an excellent webinar with lot of interesting points and data.

César A. Hernández Viveros, Subdirector actuarial, Lockton Companies

Mary Ann Fulgium

“We appreciate the virtual presentation made by Dr. Tsipursky to the Fort Worth HR membership. He is truly an expert in his field and made the presentation engaging in a virtual world.”

Mary Ann Fulgium, 2020 Programs Director, Fort Worth Human Resources

“On May 18, 2021, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky presented a virtual webinar to ASQ Vancouver. We had a really fantastic experience bringing Dr. Gleb to speak about ”Defeating Unconscious Bias Via the Neuroscience of Emotional and Social Intelligence for Quality Professionals.” If you are a company that is seeking a speaker to address cognitive biases that result in problematic behaviors impacting diversity and inclusion within an organization and a company's bottom line, contact Gleb. He will be able to provide you tools, resources, and proven science-based techniques that can increase motivation and engagement in the workplace to result in a healthy working culture in your organization. He was well prepared, responded very quickly to our requests.”

Peyman Basirian, Program Chair, American Society for Quality, Vancouver Chapter


“We hired Gleb to speak at our Leadership Conference in 2018. I found Gleb to be very personally relatable and we were able to get concrete information so we could utilize better decision making. Gleb also incorporated many of the issues we are having in terms of internal communications because we are growing so quickly and he incorporated that into his speech and we found that to be hugely useful. I can tell you that one of the things that I gleaned from the presentation was a better way of decision making around the fact that people often go with their gut when the reality is they need to be asking themselves some more specific questions.Your gut is not always telling you the right thing to do, which is contrary to what we all think, so it’s really useful information. I highly recommend Gleb.”

Kara Cermak, Senior Vice President of Learning and Development at RealManage

Photo of Susan Lear

“Gleb presented to members of the National Association of Women Business Owners. He spoke to us about common pitfalls of decision making and how we may avoid them. His interactive presentation provided many takeaways, even for the solopreneur and microbusiness owner. Of particular note was Gleb’s depth of knowledge as evidenced by how thoughtfully he tailored his message to an audience of female leaders.”

Susan Lear, President/CEO, Balance Employee Assistance Provider

Photo of Teresa Trost

I will never approach decision making the same again. You gave me some wonderful insights on cognitive biases and how they influence our decisions. I plan to use your premortem process with my team and our board. I am also eager to do more research on cognitive biases. Very interesting. Thank you again for valuable education that will support my work.”

Teresa Trost, Executive Director of Community Shares of Mid Ohio

Natalina Fickell

"I attended a seminar called 'Emotionally Intelligent Organizations' with Dr. Gleb and found it immensely helpful. He provided a lot of great practical tips on improving daily interactions with co-workers and people in your life in general. He gave you a way to think and situations where you should not use your gut which I found interesting because I always say “Go with your gut.” I am going to try and turn that around and think of things differently now because of this seminar."

Natalina Fickell, Community Relations & Associate Programs Specialist at an insurance company

Dana Chambers

“We received a very insightful, engaging presentation from Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on avoiding disasters in the HR and Payroll professions. I think our members will take away a lot of great skills to apply every day at their jobs including how to avoid payroll errors, how to manage pre-mortem discussions and how important they are, especially if we are having major projects, and many many more skills. I think they also like the fact that we had plenty of resources to take with us, including his book and additional resources that were provided during his presentation, as well as the great exercises that we did today as part of the seminar.

Dana Chambers, Senior Payroll Manager at Wells Fargo


“Gleb Tsipursky spoke to a room of Vistage members and guests on avoiding disasters through science-based decision-making. I was glad that Gleb provided my members with decision-making strategies that combine cutting-edge research with pragmatic business case studies.

From the start, Gleb made the presentation highly relevant with local case studies and topical recent events -- and by asking each audience member about the decision-making challenges they face, and then working with these examples. Gleb took many opportunities to connect his content to the audience's knowledge and had extensive group interactions where audience members worked with each other (with Gleb's input) to solve specific problems that their organizations faced.

The audience was highly engaged throughout, asking extensive questions and taking many notes on the highly-organized handouts provided by Gleb. From the commentary of audience members during and after the presentation, each gained a number of take-aways that they were excited to bring back to their organization and implement.

As a meeting planner, I can attest that Gleb is great to work with: he communicates clearly and thoroughly, provides all the relevant materials such as bio and handouts in a timely manner, arrives early to set up and greet attendees to make them comfortable, and in general does everything that you would want a speaker to do. I look forward to organizing future presentations by Gleb for other members of my Vistage groups, and can recommend him wholeheartedly as an excellent speaker.”

Artie Isaac, Vistage Chair for Central Ohio

Photo of Eleanor Meekins

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky presented “Help Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making” to the International Coaches Federation of Columbus. He responded to every request I made for documents, etc., immediately. His presentation style is warm and engaging. His presentation and slides were excellent. Even the most senior coaches (25+ years coaching experience) were really surprised and impressed with the information he gave us. Several want to see him again, and some even want an all day training session! He is a snap to work with, has very interesting scientific information, and is a delightful presenter. I highly recommend him!

Eleanor Meekins, Owner at Eleanor Meekins & Associates

Photo of Dan Sharpe

“Our community leaders benefited from Dr. Tsipursky’s expertise, presentation, and insights during a Columbus Foundation Nonprofit Forum. We collaborated to bring a “Science of Decision Making” presentation to the Central Ohio nonprofit community. The content was delivered in a digestible way that covered high-level theory, while also providing tactics and tools that could be immediately implemented. The audience had very positive feedback, and I was pleased to be able to offer the content, and expertise to the sector.”

Dan Sharpe, Vice President, Community Research and Grants Management

Photo of Diane Wingerter

“The entire Leadership Team of Synergy National was very impressed with your presentation. Your remarks and insights were excellent and set the tone for a meaningful and productive meeting. As a result, we were ‘working from’ from a common foundation and mindset and I feel that we accomplished more during our Leadership Retreat than we would have, if you had not presented your material.  So, for that…..our sincere gratitude and appreciation!”

Diane Wingerter, founder of TradeShow Doctor

Brandon Brooks

“I found your keynote speech very insightful, well researched, and on-point. You very much hit the mark! You presented us with some outside the box thinking in how to approach our dilemma within this industry, but moreover I feel you armed us with some actionable tools that can be used immediately as well as how to begin strategizing and framing our narrative for the long term.

As additional feedback on your presentation, I was impressed with the Q&A portion. Typically presenters in your position are able to present what you prepared, but often struggle to give meaningful and applicable answers. On the contrary, your answers to the audiences questions went well below the surface of the question and got to the heart of the issue which is driving each question, and offered a possible solution. It was clear you had done your homework and clear that you have invested considerable time and thought into the subject.

Note: These comments are on my personal behalf, and not on behalf of my company, General Atomics

Brandon Brooks, Strategic Business Development Manager, General Atomics

Photo of Peggy Wibble

“Gleb applies the discipline of his research to the practical tools he has crafted for effective decision-making.  CCODN benefited greatly from his expertise, as well as his clear, thought-provoking and interactive facilitation.  He is both learned and passionate — well positioned to enlighten and guide organizations to growing their effective decision-making capacity.  We are glad he is part of our learning community.”

Peggy Wibble, SPHR, Organization Effectiveness Expert and Leadership Coach


“This is a must for everyone who calls themselves a professional coach!
Dr. Gleb’s “Coaching the Analytical Mind” is a winner! This fun and engaging presentation enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of how the analytical mind works, how to build trust using evidence-based strategies, and applying these strategies to deeply connect with clients who are analytically-minded. What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Gleb was his upbeat style, knowledge, compassion, and unique ability to breathe life, excitement, and relevance into the scientific principles. Dr. Gleb under promised and over delivered- a hallmark of Dr. Gleb’s work. I encourage the reader to sign up for the next offering!”

Dr. Eli Shur, Director, Elemental Coaching and Consulting


“Excellent 6 step Premortem process to effectively implement change”

Jennifer Forbes BSN, RN at the Firelands Regional Medical Center


“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky recently presented at IPMA-HR. He is a thought leader, researcher and engaging speaker and author. He provided not only the research but also the application in the workplace. His presentation was very well received and appreciated by myself and our members. Thank you Dr. Tsipusky.”

Mary Rowe, Human Resources Director for the Oregon Metro

Photo of Kelly Atkinson

"I heard Dr. Tsipursky speak at both a Columbus Metropolitan Club Forum and a HRACO Conference. I was impressed both times. I left the conference session in particular with several action steps, and have been especially surprised that he's followed up with me on those steps to provide further assistance as I try to apply what I've learned from him. I highly recommend Dr. Tsipursky as a very knowledgeable expert in his field who teaches people how to actually put knowledge into action after his presentation."

Kelly Atkinson, MBA, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator and Office Administrator at Barnes & Thornburg LLP


"The takeaway from Dr. Tsipursky's presentation that I continue to use and have included in my position as a corporate educator is to remove the emotion and feeling from a situation and deal directly with the facts and evidence based information. This is particularly useful in my discussions about incident reporting and disaster preparedness."

Melissa Campbell, Corporate Director of Education & Development, Bloom Senior Living


"If you are a company that is seeking a speaker to address cognitive biases that result in problematic behaviors impacting diversity and inclusion within an organization and a company's bottom line, contact Gleb.

He will be able to provide you tools, resources, and proven science-based techniques that can increase motivation and engagement in the workplace to result in a healthy working culture in your organization."

Babiya Polk, Aflac Agent Team Leader


"I first met Dr. Gleb Tsipursky at the 2018 annual ASHHRA (American Society for Healthcare Human Resource
Administration) in Pittsburgh. I attended his session based on his book, The Truth Seekers Handbook. His knowledge and ability to tie scientific data to real-world human behavior outcomes was insightful.

This led me to secure him for two sessions at our annual CTSHRM Leadership & Management conference. As the CTSHRM Programs Chair, we wanted presenters with solid presentations and unique abilities of relating to our audience.

Gleb has a practical approach combined with a one-of-a-kind sense of humor. His sessions are chock full of
actionable information attendees can utilize within their organizations. He invites attendees to think outside their comfort zone and explore truths that may challenge what attendees know or how they operate.

Lastly, Dr. Tsipursky is professional, well organized, and highly responsive in communications. Your event would find him a valuable asset along strategic lines and an essential addition to any event lineup."

Amy J. Allen, MSOHRD PHR, Programs Chair for Cross Timbers SHRM chapter

Beth Schofield

"Dr. Gleb’s presentation on Coaching the Analytical Mind was both informative and highly interesting. The content clearly illustrated his expertise on this unique subject matter. He is a delight to work with and his speaking style makes him accessible and relatable to the coaching community."

Beth Schofield, Head Of Speaker Selection, World Business and Executive Coach Summit

Photo of Laura Williams

“The Good Lab worked with Gleb to understand his philosophy and approach through his 4 key components to living with meaning and purpose. These 4 components were used as a framework in our innovation workshop, to identify new and massive commercial opportunities that could help people live with meaning and purpose. Gleb helped convey this framework in an accessible and engaging manner to our charity partners and industry experts, who responded well and used this framework to generate a multitude of ideas for commercial opportunities. Gleb’s combination of scholarly expertise around meaning and purpose, and savvy in understanding how to tie people’s needs and desires to commercial opportunities, was crucial to achieving our outcomes.”

Laura Williams, Head of Front-End Innovation at the Good Lab


“Dr. Tsipursky, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the SHRM conference at Tarleton yesterday. It is very obvious that you are highly intelligent, but you brought the information down to a level we could all understand. I really like it that you walk around and look everyone in the eye. That makes the information stick that much better. The five question card will go with me to teach Principles of Management. It looks like it would work well in every-day situations."

Jodie Dearing, Graduate Program Manager in the College of Business Administration at Tarleton State University


“We were dealing with a serious conflict between two team members about perceptions of broken trust and potential disclosure of confidential information. We turned to Disaster Avoidance Experts to consult with us on addressing this issue, with the intention of confronting the team members to investigate the disclosure of this information.

Gleb helped make us aware of the underlying emotional drivers of the two team members, particularly feelings of alienation, which would be worsened as a result of a confrontation, and potentially result in a valuable employee leaving. As a result of this consultation, we decided to move forward without a confrontation, instead focusing on addressing the feelings of alienation. We were glad that the employee who we were going to confront took it upon themselves to reach out to the other team member and mend fences, and now they're in a better place with each other.

We are grateful for Gleb's insights into the emotional perspectives of the two team members, which made us better suited to deal with this situation, and retain a valuable employee."

Cindy C. Winters, Principal at Eagle Commercial Realty Services


Gleb’s insights as a coach are invaluable for those who want a dose of reality relative to COVID-19 and the timeline and implications we can expect. The information he shares fill in some gaps and offers fresh perspectives that we should all be aware of and prepare ourselves for. His are not popular views, and may not be what you want to hear; but his research and insights are what you need to hear to be more informed — and come to your own conclusions relative to the impact on your business."

Kelli Richards, President, The All Access Group LLC

Shawn Organ

“All-in-all, great job on this $23 billion Medicaid government procurement case. Thank you for jumping in so quickly and being available for us.

You did a fantastic job during the deposition. You conceded when appropriate (which shows a commitment to fairness and no overreach) and you carefully listened to the questions and reframed them when necessary. They threw everything they had at you and with limited exception, they had to come away frustrated.

You did excellent work. I look forward to future opportunities to bring you in as an expert witness on bias and decision making."

Shawn Organ, Partner at Organ Law

Angela Dudley

“Dr. Gleb was very credible and knowledgeable and his educational credentials and publications were beyond reproach. His expertise and experience on the subject matter made him a trustworthy intellect. The quality of his work was outstanding and he was very easy to work with. He constantly showed decency the entire time which was very much appreciated. I would recommend Dr. Gleb to anyone whose in need of an Expert Witness."

Angela Dudley, Assistant Agent in Charge, Ohio Department of Public Safety

“Gleb presented a webinar for the Ohio Society of Association Professionals on "Returning to the Office and Managing the Delta Surge." I learned so many best practices from him in the 45 minutes we had for education and Q&A. I was inspired to read his book and was fortunate enough to have a follow-up consult where Gleb was quickly able to assess our needs and provide custom solutions that were simple and impactful to implement in the weeks following. This includes a deep weekly into employee successes/challenges with a new reporting format that informs great dialogues and problem solving."

Elizabeth Dawson, Chief Operating Officer, Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Fernando DeLaTorre

Dr. Gleb’s coaching was very helpful to address the challenge of how to spur innovation that can improve quality and boosting productivity. Dr. Gleb shared with me about the optimism bias and the pessimism bias, which helped me understand the mindsets of both groups of teams’ members and facilitated my efforts to get both to be appropriately innovative. Those insights helped me enhance my Document for Innovation, helping define for both groups the expectations for innovation: finding opportunities for improvements without too much expense or too drastic changes. That will support both groups feeling more comfortable to engage in meeting the expectations for innovation."

Fernando De La Torre, Director of Quality, Viking Air


“Dr. Gleb is passionate about his work in helping companies and people avoid making the wrong move. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to team up and brainstorm ideas. Leaning on his expertise, knowledge and wisdom helped me make an important executive decision. His servant leadership style is rare coupled with his strategic insights on how to solve problems is above the best!"

Tarsha Henderson, Regional Manager, LendingTree

Cheryl Smith

“I really like your coaching style. You ask meaningful questions without 'leading the witness.' It's a great fit for executives."

Cheryl Smith, Global Director of Talent Management, Organizational Capabilities, and Diversity at Xerox