“As the Learning Chair for Entrepreneur's Organization, I brought on Dr. Gleb to teach us entrepreneurs about how to best mitigate the issues caused by Covid-19. The presentation was very useful and everyone involved was highly engaged throughout the entire virtual learning event. He proved himself to be very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions - which was extremely valuable to our members.”

Ben Marvazi, Learning Chair, Entrepreneur's Organization Los Angeles


“Dr. Tsipursky gave perhaps the best webinar I was involved with at RIMS. He engaged wonderfully with our members and his virtual presentation attracted a wider, global audience. I look forward to future collaborations.”

Justin Smulison, Business Content Manager at RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society)


“The Institute of Internal Auditors Los Angeles Chapter gives a big thanks to Dr. Tsipursky for delivering a 2-hour virtual presentation to our members on the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic: Adaptation and Planning via Neuroscience for Internal Auditors. The information presented was so fascinating and insightful that the 2-hour presentation flew by and our members were highly engaged and entertained throughout. During the presentation, Dr. Tsipursky discusses the very new topic of the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to preparedness and the ability of businesses to successfully adapt to the new socioeconomic landscape, and provides not only a problem-solution methodology tailored to the perspective of internal auditors, but also describes the behaviors and psychology around the choices and decisions that people make that can ultimately lead to a successful or failed response to the pandemic event. Some of the information presented was quite shocking and sobering to think about, but by educating ourselves, reflecting on this information, and being able to accept the possible outcomes, this will enable us to successfully navigate through the major disruptive event with the creation of viable plans and solutions. Again, our Chapter members and event attendees received great value from Dr. Tsipursky’s presentation and we look forward to learning more through his books and additional presentations to come. Our chapter also highly recommends Dr. Tsipursky to be engaged as part of your next virtual learning event, as this information is essential to all backgrounds and industries.”

Tina L. Harding, CIA, CRMA, Vice President of Professional Development, IIA Los Angeles Chapter


“As the Director of Education and Training for the Society of Government Meeting Professionals, it is my responsibility to identify and hire speakers for our educational events. In 2020, our face-to-face conference scheduled mid-May in St. Louis, MO, was cancelled due to the Covid19 Pandemic. We reduced our 3 keynote speakers and 7 blocks of breakout sessions to 5 virtual events for our members.

I was introduced (virtually!) to Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, and I immediately decided his message about the Covid19 Pandemic was timely and something we all needed to hear. There were over 350 individuals attending this virtual event. While our members were hoping for a positive outcome and the projection that everything will be ‘back to normal’ soon from this pandemic, Dr. Tsipursky painted an accurate and honest picture of the current and near future situation. I would highly recommend him for events when this topic is to be explored.

Garland L. Preddy, CGMP, Director of Education and Training, Society of Government Meeting Professionals


“On behalf of the members of the ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter, I want to thank you for your insightful webinar presentation yesterday. We appreciate the time you took to prepare the two-hour session. Our members found the materials presented to be thought-provoking, engaging, and informative. The topic of the presentation Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Adaptation and Planning via Neuroscience for IT Professionals was in itself timely; it delivered the right message at the right time, when our members are looking for a trusted advisor to provide information that is non-biased and actionable. Your points on normalcy bias, planning fallacy, and hyperbolic discounting really hit home among the attendees. Thank you again for helping to make our educational webinars so rewarding and a most worthwhile experience.

Wei Tschang, CISA CISM CGEIT, Education Committee Chair, ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter

Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE

“It was OSAE's pleasure to have Dr. Gleb Tsipursky speak to our members about the need for practicing strategic and realistic planning in light of the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic currently impacting U.S. businesses and the global economy. His message provided many hard truths that our members needed to hear in order to approach the pandemic honestly and with respect to its long-term effects. In addition to his virtual presentation, he has provided many great articles that the organization has used on our website and in our quarterly magazines that help nonprofit organizations prepare for crises. It was a pleasure to work with him and to help him connect to the leaders in Ohio's association community.

Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE; President & CEO, The Ohio Society of Association Executives


“That may have been the most useful webinar I've ever watched! Brutally honest, but needed it. I "knew" things would be different for a long time, but still tried to be "optimistic" for the sake of the organization, my staff, and my stakeholders. This webinar gave me "permission" to be more realistic about our future. In our case, I think I need to plan for dissolution while being prepared to survive in a vastly scaled down operation.”

Kari Carlisle, Executive Director, Heritage Square

Dr. Edward (Ed) Goldberg

“Gleb Tsipursky presented "Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Adaptation and Planning for Business Continuity Professionals" as part of the ACP (Association of Continuity Professionals) ongoing webinar series. It is my privilege to host these webinars and I have been doing so for over a decade. Gleb's presentation was among the best to date in terms of getting people to adapt alternative perspectives of planning assumptions, dealing with major changes and disruptions, etc. Great presenter and great, thoughtful content. And he's a delightful guy, too!

Dr. Ed Goldberg, CBCP, ACP Webinar Host, National Board member, Treasurer and Executive Committee


“If you think a topic like neuroscience and its application to business decisions would be boring, you haven’t seen a webinar by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. His was one of the most informative and interesting webinars I have seen in a while. Engaging, to the point, and above all useful.

Dirk Dusharme, Editor in Chief, Quality Digest


THANK YOU very much for an engaging and informative virtual session. I enjoyed the polling to hear more from attendees. The Q&A was also insightful.”

Erin Oyama, Programs Director, Project Management Institute, Hawaii Chapter, Honolulu


“Our association thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Gleb's virtual presentation. It was informative and thought-provoking. Furthermore, as a group of professionals dedicated to managing technology risk, we found that his analysis translated directly to the language of our profession and provided actionable takeaways for our members. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive, and I would highly recommend him for a presentation.

Rob Valdez, President, ISACA South Florida

Linda LeSage

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky’s virtual presentation on the Coronavirus Pandemic Adaption and Planning for our local PMI (Project Management Institute) group was outstanding. He logically presented the optimistic, moderate and pessimistic estimates for having a solution to the virus using common PMI concepts. Some key statements included
- People are too optimistic
- This is not the same as the recession in the 80’s
- Never go with your gut feelings (typically wrong)
- We will shift to new norms over time
- Continuity plans don’t work for pandemics
Also, I had no idea there was pandemic insurance. Great deal of valuable information was presented in a fast and deliberate manner. Time for questions provided at the end. I strongly recommend this presentation!

Linda LeSage, VP Professional Development, PMI Michigan Thumb chapter

Leandra Almodovar

“This webinar was a sobering evaluation of how the meetings & events industry must and can prepare for the next couple of years. It is all about the mind set of the attendees, not how we create a safe environment. It becomes a chicken / egg routine. Continued dialog and discussions needs to keep the evolution front and center for attendees and planners. Thank you!”

Leandra Almodovar, Meeting Manager, PlannerNet


“Powerful content + thoughtful delivery. Dr. Tsipursky is smart, thorough and a terrific presenter who shared with our exclusive private group of Transformation Leaders - the blueprint for the road ahead in the post pandemic world. While the information he shared is scary in terms of the longevity of a likely pandemic world for our loved ones and our work, I believe it is important to see with a business planning lens. Through his dialogue and excellent humble way of answering questions, he helped business leaders in our meeting understand the kinds of things we ought to be doing right now - to prepare ourselves for success and adaptation of our business ahead in the years to come. Terrific speaker. Good content. Credible. I would highly recommend hiring Dr. Tsipursky as a keynote speaker for your virtual event or meeting.”

Bob Miglani, Founder and Managing Partner, Embrace the Chaos

Anita Kenworthy

“I truly enjoyed what you presented that made me reconsider how to proceed with PMI MTC chapter. As the current President of the chapter strategic planning is critical and you presented things to consider long term in light of COVID-19 pandemic”

Anita Kenworthy, PMI MTC - President

Tony Lewis

“Thank you for a most timely and most valuable virtual presentation that is very actionable for CEO’s and their companies to implement. Highly recommended for all growth minded companies.”

Tony Lewis; Master Chair, Vistage


The webinar was really great. There were some key points such as the external business model which were very insightful and I'd like to revisit. You packed a ton of useful info into such a short session, well done.

Arthur Linke, Founder & Managing Principal, Turricula Risk Advisory; Research Fellow, Stellenbosch University Business School


“This was an excellent presentation regarding the current response to COVID19. It was very eye opening as it caused me to look at the short as well as long term solutions in ways I had not yet considered. While the answers may be hard to swallow and not easy to achieve, realistic solutions rarely fall into the easy category. The sooner we start thinking realistic, the more effective we can be at managing the risk.”

Mark Lopez, Senior Risk Manager, Petra Risk Solutions

John Trakselis

Special thanks to Gleb Tsipursky who presented virtually to both of my Vistage CEO groups this past week on the very important subject of decision making. It is one of the three pillars of Vistage: better leaders, better decisions, better results. All three are always relevant and important. #leadership #decisionmaking #results”

John Trakselis, Vistage Chair


“This webinar completely changed the way I am thinking about the current COVID-19 pandemic and will influence my strategic decisions going forward from "weathering the storm" to adjusting to the new reality.”

Rob Clark, Risk and Claims Analyst, Kitchener City Hall

César A. Hernández Viveros

“It was an excellent webinar with lot of interesting points and data.

César A. Hernández Viveros, Subdirector actuarial, Lockton Companies


We’ve had the great pleasure of working with Gleb. He’s been wonderful to work with, easy to communicate with. He helped us to work within our budgetary limitations and was very effective in his presentation. Gleb is very relatable. He communicated in a very clear and easy to understand way, very clear key takeaways that people could utilize in their personal life and as well as the campuses that they are supporting.

Zenobia Hargust, the Director of Equal Opportunity and Engagement at Swarthmore College


Gleb worked with us collaboratively during the whole process before the day of the event to get feedback on what’s important in HR and on all areas of success and pitfalls. He presented what was important to the audience, making the event great. The presentation that he gave had a great impact on the audience because it brought real experiences to their mind, giving them takeaways that they can go back and implement back in their everyday lives in HR.

Robyn Salvo, Director of Human Resources at Monmouth University


“We hired Gleb to speak at our Leadership Conference in 2018. I found Gleb to be very personally relatable and we were able to get concrete information so we could utilize better decision making. Gleb also incorporated many of the issues we are having in terms of internal communications because we are growing so quickly and he incorporated that into his speech and we found that to be hugely useful. I can tell you that one of the things that I gleaned from the presentation was a better way of decision making around the fact that people often go with their gut when the reality is they need to be asking themselves some more specific questions.Your gut is not always telling you the right thing to do, which is contrary to what we all think, so it’s really useful information. I highly recommend Gleb.”

Kara Cermak, Senior Vice President of Learning and Development at RealManage

Photo of Susan Lear

“Gleb presented to members of the National Association of Women Business Owners. He spoke to us about common pitfalls of decision making and how we may avoid them. His interactive presentation provided many takeaways, even for the solopreneur and microbusiness owner. Of particular note was Gleb’s depth of knowledge as evidenced by how thoughtfully he tailored his message to an audience of female leaders.”

Susan Lear, President/CEO, Balance Employee Assistance Provider


“EWI is an engineering services consulting firm. We contacted Gleb to acquire some insights in how to motivate scientific people to ‘sell’ themselves – a constant challenge of the business. Gleb used his researched-based approach to behavioral psychology to engage us in a conversation that provided several very helpful insights into how we communicate with our people. We were using far too much business-speak that was not connecting emotionally with our people. For example we have stopped using the word ‘brand’ and now use the word reputation – which resonates with scientists. So I have to say that one of the things Gleb said to me – I am not an engineer and have never been an engineer – but I work in human resources. And he started talking to me about emotions. My first response was: “engineers have emotions?” And he went on to teach me that engineers – scientists – although they like to think of themselves as rational animals, still are primarily driven like the rest of us by emotional thinking and emotional responses to language. Gleb has been an unexpected and practical resource for us.”

Mark Matson, Vice President of Human Resources at EWI

Photo of Teresa Trost

I will never approach decision making the same again. You gave me some wonderful insights on cognitive biases and how they influence our decisions. I plan to use your premortem process with my team and our board. I am also eager to do more research on cognitive biases. Very interesting. Thank you again for valuable education that will support my work.”

Teresa Trost, Executive Director of Community Shares of Mid Ohio

Natalina Fickell

"I attended a seminar called 'Emotionally Intelligent Organizations' with Dr. Gleb and found it immensely helpful. He provided a lot of great practical tips on improving daily interactions with co-workers and people in your life in general. He gave you a way to think and situations where you should not use your gut which I found interesting because I always say “Go with your gut.” I am going to try and turn that around and think of things differently now because of this seminar."

Natalina Fickell, Community Relations & Associate Programs Specialist at an insurance company

Dana Chambers

“We received a very insightful, engaging presentation from Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on avoiding disasters in the HR and Payroll professions. I think our members will take away a lot of great skills to apply every day at their jobs including how to avoid payroll errors, how to manage pre-mortem discussions and how important they are, especially if we are having major projects, and many many more skills. I think they also like the fact that we had plenty of resources to take with us, including his book and additional resources that were provided during his presentation, as well as the great exercises that we did today as part of the seminar.

Dana Chambers, Senior Payroll Manager at Wells Fargo


“Gleb Tsipursky spoke to a room of Vistage members and guests on avoiding disasters through science-based decision-making. I was glad that Gleb provided my members with decision-making strategies that combine cutting-edge research with pragmatic business case studies.

From the start, Gleb made the presentation highly relevant with local case studies and topical recent events -- and by asking each audience member about the decision-making challenges they face, and then working with these examples. Gleb took many opportunities to connect his content to the audience's knowledge and had extensive group interactions where audience members worked with each other (with Gleb's input) to solve specific problems that their organizations faced.

The audience was highly engaged throughout, asking extensive questions and taking many notes on the highly-organized handouts provided by Gleb. From the commentary of audience members during and after the presentation, each gained a number of take-aways that they were excited to bring back to their organization and implement.

As a meeting planner, I can attest that Gleb is great to work with: he communicates clearly and thoroughly, provides all the relevant materials such as bio and handouts in a timely manner, arrives early to set up and greet attendees to make them comfortable, and in general does everything that you would want a speaker to do. I look forward to organizing future presentations by Gleb for other members of my Vistage groups, and can recommend him wholeheartedly as an excellent speaker.”

Artie Isaac, Vistage Chair for Central Ohio

Photo of Eleanor Meekins

“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky presented “Help Clients Avoid Disasters Through Science-Based Decision-Making” to the International Coaches Federation of Columbus. He responded to every request I made for documents, etc., immediately. His presentation style is warm and engaging. His presentation and slides were excellent. Even the most senior coaches (25+ years coaching experience) were really surprised and impressed with the information he gave us. Several want to see him again, and some even want an all day training session! He is a snap to work with, has very interesting scientific information, and is a delightful presenter. I highly recommend him!

Eleanor Meekins, Owner at Eleanor Meekins & Associates

Photo of Dan Sharpe

“Our community leaders benefited from Dr. Tsipursky’s expertise, presentation, and insights during a Columbus Foundation Nonprofit Forum. We collaborated to bring a “Science of Decision Making” presentation to the Central Ohio nonprofit community. The content was delivered in a digestible way that covered high-level theory, while also providing tactics and tools that could be immediately implemented. The audience had very positive feedback, and I was pleased to be able to offer the content, and expertise to the sector.”

Dan Sharpe, Vice President, Community Research and Grants Management

Photo of Diane Wingerter

“The entire Leadership Team of Synergy National was very impressed with your presentation. Your remarks and insights were excellent and set the tone for a meaningful and productive meeting. As a result, we were ‘working from’ from a common foundation and mindset and I feel that we accomplished more during our Leadership Retreat than we would have, if you had not presented your material.  So, for that…..our sincere gratitude and appreciation!”

Diane Wingerter, founder of TradeShow Doctor

Photo of Peggy Wibble

“Gleb applies the discipline of his research to the practical tools he has crafted for effective decision-making.  CCODN benefited greatly from his expertise, as well as his clear, thought-provoking and interactive facilitation.  He is both learned and passionate — well positioned to enlighten and guide organizations to growing their effective decision-making capacity.  We are glad he is part of our learning community.”

Peggy Wibble, SPHR, Organization Effectiveness Expert and Leadership Coach


“This is a must for everyone who calls themselves a professional coach!
Dr. Gleb’s “Coaching the Analytical Mind” is a winner! This fun and engaging presentation enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of how the analytical mind works, how to build trust using evidence-based strategies, and applying these strategies to deeply connect with clients who are analytically-minded. What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Gleb was his upbeat style, knowledge, compassion, and unique ability to breathe life, excitement, and relevance into the scientific principles. Dr. Gleb under promised and over delivered- a hallmark of Dr. Gleb’s work. I encourage the reader to sign up for the next offering!”

Dr. Eli Shur, Director, Elemental Coaching and Consulting


“Excellent 6 step Premortem process to effectively implement change”

Jennifer Forbes BSN, RN at the Firelands Regional Medical Center


“Dr. Gleb Tsipursky recently presented at IPMA-HR. He is a thought leader, researcher and engaging speaker and author. He provided not only the research but also the application in the workplace. His presentation was very well received and appreciated by myself and our members. Thank you Dr. Tsipusky.”

Mary Rowe, Human Resources Director for the Oregon Metro

Photo of Kelly Atkinson

"I heard Dr. Tsipursky speak at both a Columbus Metropolitan Club Forum and a HRACO Conference. I was impressed both times. I left the conference session in particular with several action steps, and have been especially surprised that he's followed up with me on those steps to provide further assistance as I try to apply what I've learned from him. I highly recommend Dr. Tsipursky as a very knowledgeable expert in his field who teaches people how to actually put knowledge into action after his presentation."

Kelly Atkinson, MBA, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator and Office Administrator at Barnes & Thornburg LLP


"The takeaway from Dr. Tsipursky's presentation that I continue to use and have included in my position as a corporate educator is to remove the emotion and feeling from a situation and deal directly with the facts and evidence based information. This is particularly useful in my discussions about incident reporting and disaster preparedness."

Melissa Campbell, Corporate Director of Education & Development, Bloom Senior Living


"If you are a company that is seeking a speaker to address cognitive biases that result in problematic behaviors impacting diversity and inclusion within an organization and a company's bottom line, contact Gleb.

He will be able to provide you tools, resources, and proven science-based techniques that can increase motivation and engagement in the workplace to result in a healthy working culture in your organization."

Babiya Polk, Aflac Agent Team Leader


"I first met Dr. Gleb Tsipursky at the 2018 annual ASHHRA (American Society for Healthcare Human Resource
Administration) in Pittsburgh. I attended his session based on his book, The Truth Seekers Handbook. His knowledge and ability to tie scientific data to real-world human behavior outcomes was insightful.

This led me to secure him for two sessions at our annual CTSHRM Leadership & Management conference. As the CTSHRM Programs Chair, we wanted presenters with solid presentations and unique abilities of relating to our audience.

Gleb has a practical approach combined with a one-of-a-kind sense of humor. His sessions are chock full of
actionable information attendees can utilize within their organizations. He invites attendees to think outside their comfort zone and explore truths that may challenge what attendees know or how they operate.

Lastly, Dr. Tsipursky is professional, well organized, and highly responsive in communications. Your event would find him a valuable asset along strategic lines and an essential addition to any event lineup."

Amy J. Allen, MSOHRD PHR, Programs Chair for Cross Timbers SHRM chapter

Beth Schofield

"Dr. Gleb’s presentation on Coaching the Analytical Mind was both informative and highly interesting. The content clearly illustrated his expertise on this unique subject matter. He is a delight to work with and his speaking style makes him accessible and relatable to the coaching community."

Beth Schofield, Head Of Speaker Selection, World Business and Executive Coach Summit

Photo of Laura Williams

“The Good Lab worked with Gleb to understand his philosophy and approach through his 4 key components to living with meaning and purpose. These 4 components were used as a framework in our innovation workshop, to identify new and massive commercial opportunities that could help people live with meaning and purpose. Gleb helped convey this framework in an accessible and engaging manner to our charity partners and industry experts, who responded well and used this framework to generate a multitude of ideas for commercial opportunities. Gleb’s combination of scholarly expertise around meaning and purpose, and savvy in understanding how to tie people’s needs and desires to commercial opportunities, was crucial to achieving our outcomes.”

Laura Williams, Head of Front-End Innovation at the Good Lab


“We were dealing with a serious conflict between two team members about perceptions of broken trust and potential disclosure of confidential information. We turned to Disaster Avoidance Experts to consult with us on addressing this issue, with the intention of confronting the team members to investigate the disclosure of this information.

Gleb helped make us aware of the underlying emotional drivers of the two team members, particularly feelings of alienation, which would be worsened as a result of a confrontation, and potentially result in a valuable employee leaving. As a result of this consultation, we decided to move forward without a confrontation, instead focusing on addressing the feelings of alienation. We were glad that the employee who we were going to confront took it upon themselves to reach out to the other team member and mend fences, and now they're in a better place with each other.

We are grateful for Gleb's insights into the emotional perspectives of the two team members, which made us better suited to deal with this situation, and retain a valuable employee."

Cindy C. Winters, Principal at Eagle Commercial Realty Services


“Dr. Tsipursky, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the SHRM conference at Tarleton yesterday. It is very obvious that you are highly intelligent, but you brought the information down to a level we could all understand. I really like it that you walk around and look everyone in the eye. That makes the information stick that much better. The five question card will go with me to teach Principles of Management. It looks like it would work well in every-day situations."

Jodie Dearing, Graduate Program Manager in the College of Business Administration at Tarleton State University


Gleb’s insights as a coach are invaluable for those who want a dose of reality relative to COVID-19 and the timeline and implications we can expect. The information he shares fill in some gaps and offers fresh perspectives that we should all be aware of and prepare ourselves for. His are not popular views, and may not be what you want to hear; but his research and insights are what you need to hear to be more informed — and come to your own conclusions relative to the impact on your business."

Kelli Richards, President, The All Access Group LLC


“Dr. Gleb is passionate about his work in helping companies and people avoid making the wrong move. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to team up and brainstorm ideas. Leaning on his expertise, knowledge and wisdom helped me make an important executive decision about life. His servant leadership style is rare coupled with his strategic insights on how to solve problems is above the best!"

Tarsha Henderson, Regional Manager, LendingTree

Cheryl Smith

“I really like your coaching style. You ask meaningful questions without 'leading the witness.' It's a great fit for executives."

Cheryl Smith, Global Director of Talent Management, Organizational Capabilities, and Diversity at Xerox