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Do you want your audience members to:

  • feel delighted about getting real and immediately-applicable solutions to their pressing problems?
  • express surprise by how well the speaker understands them and their needs?
  • be wowed by a highly credible presentation based on internationally-recognized thought leadership?
  • have an engaging, entertaining, and enlightening experience facilitated by an adult learning expert?
  • be impressed by top-notch delivery, virtual or in-person, by a highly experienced, certified speaker?

That’s what you get when you hire Disaster Avoidance Expert Dr. Gleb Tsipursky as your speaker. His engaging, entertaining, enlightening, research-driven, and customized-for-you virtual and in-person talks have helped thousands of leaders and organizations avoid business disasters, manage risks, make wise decisions, and formulate top-notch strategic plans.

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Dr. Gleb Tsipursky helps tech and finance industry executives drive collaboration, innovation, and retention in hybrid work. He serves as the CEO of the boutique future-of-work consultancy Disaster Avoidance Experts, which helps organizations adopt a hybrid-first culture, instead of incrementally improving on the traditional office-centric culture.


Dr. Tsipursky authored seven books, including two global bestsellers. Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Career Press, 2019) is the first book to focus on cognitive biases in business leadership and reveal how leaders can overcome these dangerous judgment errors effectively. His other bestseller, The Blindspots Between Us: How to Overcome Unconscious Cognitive Bias and Build Better Relationships (New Harbinger, 2020), is the first book to focus on cognitive biases in professional and personal relationships and illustrate how we can defeat these dangerous judgment errors. His new book is Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams: A Manual on Benchmarking to Best Practices for Competitive Advantage (Intentional Insights, 2021). It focuses on permanent post-pandemic work arrangements and more broadly the future of work after the disruption of the pandemic. His writing was translated into Chinese, Korean, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, and other languages.


Dr. Tsipursky’s cutting-edge thought leadership was featured in over 650 articles and 550 interviews in prominent venues. These include Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Inc. Magazine, CBS News, Entrepreneur, Scientific American, Psychology Today, The Conversation, Business Insider, Government Executive, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Time, Fast Company, Boston Globe, New York Daily News, Fox News, USA Today, Forbes, and many others.


Dr. Tsipursky’s expertise comes from over 20 years of consulting, coaching, speaking, and training on future-proofing, strategic decision making and planning, and cognitive bias risk management. His hundreds of clients include innovative startups, major nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies, such as Aflac, Applied Materials, Entergy, Fifth Third Bank, Honda, Outreach Corporation, ProMedica, Reckitt, The Columbus Foundation, Wells Fargo, the World Wildlife Fund, Xerox, and over a hundred others who achieve outstanding client results.


His expertise also comes from his research and teaching background of over 15 years in academia as a behavioral scientist studying the behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience of decision making and risk management strategy in business and other contexts. He spent 8 years getting a PhD and then serving as a Fellow and Lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was then appointed as a professor at the Ohio State University and served there for 7 years, publishing dozens of peer-reviewed articles in academic journals such as Behavior and Social Issues and Journal of Social and Political Psychology.

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A highly in-demand international speaker, Dr. Tsipursky has over two decades of professional speaking experience across North America, Europe, and Australia. He gets top marks from audiences for his highly facilitative, interactive, and humor-filled speaking style and the way he thoroughly customizes speeches for diverse audiences. Meeting planners describe Dr. Tsipursky as “very relatable,” as “a snap to work with,” and as someone who “does everything that you would want a speaker to do.” Drawing on best practices in adult learning, his programs address the wide spectrum of diverse learning styles, as attested by enthusiastic client testimonials and references.


He regularly shares the stage with prominent leaders, for example recently speaking on a roundtable panel with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Elhadj As Sy, Chancellor of Austria Brigitte Bierlein, CEO of Penguin Random House Markus Dohle, and billionaire philanthropist and Chair of the Bertelsmann Management Company Liz Mohn. You can also check out this brief speaker demo video, this short TED-style keynote video, this hour-long opening keynote video, this 45-minute webinar, and other speaking videos, learn more about frequently requested programs, get information targeted at meeting planners, and see his Speaker One Sheet for more information on his speaking.

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Gleb knows exactly what you need from him as a speaker to make your job easy. To quote meeting planner Eleanor Meekins, Gleb "is a snap to work with, has very interesting scientific information, and is a delightful presenter. I highly recommend him!"

Full-length webinar presentation

  • Mind Over Machine: Conquering the Human Factors of Implementing Generative AI
  • From Frustration to Flourishing: Mastering Generative AI Adoption
  • How to Solve the Problem of Innovation in Distributed Work via Behavioral Science and Generative AI
  • Hybrid Harmony: How to Address Headaches, Frustrations, and Conflicts Around Hybrid and Remote Work
  • Creating Thriving Stars: How to Maximize Employee Engagement Through Hybrid Work
  • Using Hybrid Work to Improve Retention and Productivity While Cutting Costs
  • Defeating the Four Horsemen of the Mandated Return to Office: Employee Resistance, Attrition, Quiet Quitting, and Loss of DEI
  • Become a Hybrid Work Leader Via Behavioral Science
  • How to Defeat Work-From-Home Burnout and Zoom Fatigue Using Behavioral Science
  • Leading Change Management Through Behavioral Science
  • Effective Communication Via Behavioral Science
  • Leadership Myths Busted: Behavioral Science Reveals the Surprising Truth About Effective Leaders
  • Improving Employee Engagement Via Behavioral Science
  • Adapting to Disruption Via Behavioral Science
  • Prudent Risk Management Via Behavioral Science
  • How Outstanding Leaders Avoid Decisions Leading to People Disasters via Behavioral Science
  • Busting Generational Myths to Excel at Engaging Young Employees Via Behavioral Science
  • Exceptional Coaching Via Behavioral Science
  • Stakeholder Engagement Excellence Via Behavioral Science
  • Why Do Smart Leaders Ignore Serious Risks in the Post-Pandemic World (and What to Do About It Via Behavioral Science)
  • How Effective Leaders Make the Most Profitable Decisions Via Behavioral Science
  • How to Gather Quality Data to Inform Truly Effective Decision Making via Behavioral Science
  • Socially Intelligent Leadership Via Behavioral Science
  • Successful Strategic Pivots for Leaders Via Behavioral Science
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Via Behavioral Science
  • No Shame, No Guilt: Addressing Discomfort With Diversity and Inclusion Using Behavioral Science
  • Future-Proofing Mastery for a Post-Pandemic World Using Behavioral Science
  • Defeating Unconscious Bias Via Behavioral Science
  • How to Use Generative AI to Seize the Future
  • Unifying AI and Hybrid Work: A Blueprint for the Future

Photo of Eleanor Meekins

"He is a snap to work with, has very interesting scientific information, and is a delightful presenter. I highly recommend him!"

Eleanor Meekins, HR professional and meeting planner

Photo of Dan Sharpe

"[Gleb] covered high-level theory, while also providing tactics and tools that could be immediately implemented… the audience had very positive feedback."

Dan Sharpe, Executive Vice President of The Columbus Foundation


"Gleb made the presentation highly relevant with local case studies and topical recent events -- and by asking each audience member about the decision-making challenges they face, and then working with these examples."

Artie Isaac, Vistage Chair

for Central Ohio

Gleb has worked with clients from Aviation to Utilities. Check out his client list.

If you want to help your audience avoid business disasters and align employee incentives with organizational priorities using research-based strategies grounded in pragmatic business experience, connect with Gleb today!