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The webinar is based on Dr. Tsipursky’s forthcoming book:

Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters

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A FREE sample of Dr. Tsipursky’s forthcoming book, Never Go With Your Gut: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters

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Book Description

Never Go With Your Gut:

How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters

“Before you find yourself about to make another gut-based decision that will surely end badly you must take the time to read this book. It will save you from yourself!”

  • Leonard A. Schlesinger, PhD, Vice Chairman and COO Emeritus at Limited Brands, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School, President Emeritus of Babson College, and bestselling author of Just Start


Avoid Business Disasters

Protect Yourself From Cognitive Biases

Make the Best Decisions


Want to avoid business disasters, whether minor mishaps, such as excessive team conflict, or major calamities like those that threaten bankruptcy or doom a promising career? Fortunately, behavioral economics studies show that such disasters stem from poor decisions due to our faulty mental patterns—what scholars call “cognitive biases”—and are preventable.


Unfortunately, the typical advice for business leaders to “go with their guts” plays into these cognitive biases and leads to disastrous decisions that devastate the bottom line. By combining practical case studies with cutting-edge research, Never Go With Your Gut will help you make the best decisions and prevent these business disasters.


The leading expert on avoiding business disasters, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky draws on over 20 years of extensive consulting, coaching, and speaking experience to show how pioneering leaders and organizations—many of them his clients—avoid business disasters. Reading Never Go With Your Gut will enable you to:

  • Discover how pioneering leaders and organizations address cognitive biases to avoid disastrous decisions.
  • Adapt best practices on avoiding business disasters from these leaders and organizations to your own context.
  • Develop processes that empower everyone in your organization to avoid business disasters.