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Do you want to evaluate and prove your case about bias in decision making in areas such as employment law, housing discrimination, public procurement, criminal defense, police misconduct, or jury selection? 

Our expert litigation consultant, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, will help you determine the extent and impact of such bias and convince the trier of fact to adopt your theory of the case.

You will have no trouble qualifying our primary expert witness, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. His globally-renowned expertise in bias and decision making was featured in over 550 articles and over 450 interviews in prominent venues, such as Fortune, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, CBS News, Time, Scientific American, Psychology Today, and NPR. He published over 30 peer-reviewed pieces in academic venues such as Behavior and Social Issues and Journal of Social and Political Psychology. He wrote several best-selling books and his work was translated into Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and German.


Trained in the Daubert standard, Dr. Gleb will provide testimony using tested techniques thoroughly informed by peer-reviewed publications widely accepted in the scientific community. Trusted in major cases, including a $23 billion public procurement bid protest, Dr. Gleb is comfortable not only investigating and writing a report, but also giving testimony in depositions and in court.


Would you like to assess the impact of decision-making bias in your case? Schedule a free consultation.

Shawn Organ

“All-in-all, great job on this $23 billion Medicaid government procurement case. Thank you for jumping in so quickly and being available for us.

You did a fantastic job during the deposition. You conceded when appropriate (which shows a commitment to fairness and no overreach) and you carefully listened to the questions and reframed them when necessary. They threw everything they had at you and with limited exception, they had to come away frustrated.

You did excellent work. I look forward to future opportunities to bring you in as an expert witness on bias and decision making."

Shawn Organ, Partner at Organ Law

Email | Phone: 614-481-0900

Najah A. Edmondson

"For several months now, I've had the opportunity to work with Dr. Gleb, and I've been thoroughly impressed with all of the articles that he has submitted to The TASA Group’s Knowledge Center. From those articles, I've asked him to present a webinar for us, and Dr. Gleb presented a webinar called “Addressing Bias in Legal Cases Using Behavioral Science.” The webinar was amazing, he got rave reviews from the 197 attorneys that attended that presentation. I know that the takeaway for his presentation was amazing, the attorneys wrote in to me and they were telling me that it was a great presentation. So if you're interested in having Dr. Gleb help you with work from home strategies or addressing bias in legal cases, definitely definitely definitely reach out to him. Dr. Gleb is amazing, he knows his stuff, and is very professional. Thank you Dr. Gleb for all of your help, all of your knowledge, and for being willing to send in those articles and present that webinar. Thank you!"

Najah A. Edmondson, Director of Marketing, The TASA Group

Email | Phone: 800-523-2319 ext. 340

Angela Dudley

"Dr. Gleb was very credible and knowledgeable and his educational credentials and publications were beyond reproach. His expertise and experience on the subject matter made him a trustworthy intellect. The quality of his work was outstanding and he was very easy to work with. He constantly showed decency the entire time which was very much appreciated. I would recommend Dr. Gleb to anyone whose in need of an Expert Witness."

Angela Dudley, Assistant Agent in Charge, Ohio Department of Public Safety

Email | Phone: (216) 536-7404

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