Below are Gleb’s suggestions for the optimal set-up of the room for his program to help make your event as impactful, engaging, and memorable as you hope. Please contact Gleb for clarifications or to let him know if some aspects of his suggestions will not work for your needs.

  • Please provide a big screen with an LCD projector connected to a laptop. If possible, please preload Gleb’s slides into the laptop and test them in advance of Gleb’s arrival.
  • Please provide a wireless clicker for Gleb’s PowerPoint slides.
  • Please provide a dual ear-worn wireless headset microphone (the same as those used for TED talks, such as this one) if you have an audience over 30 people. Gleb walks around and gestures extensively during the presentation with both hands in order to convey points clearly to his audience and engage with them most effectively, so a handheld microphone or a wired microphone will not work: neither will a lavalier (lapel mike), as in the past lavalier microphones have been knocked off due to Gleb’s gesturing. This microphone needs to connect to the room’s speaker system or independent audio equipment. Speakers located in front and also behind the audience are recommended. Please test all audio equipment prior to Gleb’s arrival.
  • Please provide a raised platform or stage. This stage should provide the audience an unobstructed view of Gleb during his presentation. Gleb walks around during his presentation, so the stage should be big enough to permit him to do so. Please make sure to position the big screen so that it will not be obscured when Gleb walks around the stage.
  • Please provide a separate light source/spotlight for the stage to help keep the audience’s focus on Gleb during his presentation.
  • Please provide two 8-ounce water bottles on the stage.
  • Please provide a six by two feet or larger table in the back on which Gleb can provide audience members with products that they can purchase to help them implement the strategies they learned from his program in their day-to-day professional context.
  • Gleb does not use a podium/lectern, so if you have one for a previous speaker, please take it down before Gleb’s program.
  • Please have 5% less seats than anticipated audience members, to avoid empty seats and the resultant “dead space” effect, which drains energy in the room. If you are planning on having 500 people in attendance, set chairs for only 475, and have stacked seats in the back for overflow. This will encourage the audience to fill all of the seats available, including the front row. The front row should be no further than 12 feet from the stage. Please make the seats movable as Gleb often has audience members engage with others around them.
  • Please avoid having a central aisle if possible, to minimize dead space in the room.
  • Please have the chairs in the room staggered instead of directly behind each other. This will offer a better view of Gleb and his slides to the audience members.
  • Please use a dark backdrop on the stage to accentuate the presenter during the event.
  • Before the presentation, please request that the audience members turn off all cell phones, pagers, and other noise-making devices.
  • Please use Gleb’s standard introduction unless we discussed an alternative one

Thanks for helping Gleb help you have an awesome event!