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Multimedia Package: Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Through Social Intelligence

Achieve outstanding Diversity & Inclusion via social intelligence, the strategic ability to evaluate and influence other people’s emotions and behaviors.

This multimedia package offers science-based strategies, real-life case studies, and clear take-aways for best practices in:

  • Recognizing unconscious, implicit, and cognitive biases
  • Influencing other people to address such biases
  • Training others to use these techniques to avoid D&I disasters

Includes the Manual on Avoiding Disastrous Decisions, a science-based step-by-step guide to confidently make significant decisions that avoid Diversity & Inclusion disasters

Package Includes:

  • Video of training program
  • Audio of training program
  • PowerPoint of training program
  • Manual on Avoiding Disastrous Decisions (PDF and eBook)

Note: The physical version includes 1 DVD, 1 CD, 1 flash drive